Online Celebrity Magazine Exclusively Featuring International Celebrity News & Luxury Lifestyles.

Celebrity HQ is an online celebrity magazine exclusively featuring international celebrity news and luxury lifestyles. 

With many years experience in the field of celebrity journalism and lucrative partnerships with prominent international business moguls, the company was founded by “Emperor Alafia Adeoba Shalom” as a commercial establishment of two major institutions incorporating both the celebrity magazine and luxury marketplace.

Objectively, Celebrity HQ is aimed at profiling the outstanding individualities of celebrities as public figures of quintessential eminence and also to provide access to a global supply chain of the world’s most coveted designer brands and finest collections of luxury products.

Celebrity HQ, International is a commercial establishment with its editorial offices and administrative headquarters located in USA, UK & Nigeria. The company is an online magazine and e-commerce luxury marketplace. Celebrity HQ magazine exclusively features international celebrity news and luxury lifestyles, while the company's luxury marketplace provide access to a global supply chain of the world most coveted luxury products and designer brands. The illustrations and contents of Celebrity HQ website are protected by the Intellectual Property Law and must not be reproduced or copied without the authorise permission of the company's Corporate Authority. All Rights Reserved.