LuxuryByFeyi: The Secret To A Magnetic Fashion Brand Masterclass

Feyisola Adeyemi, CEO & Creative Director of LuxuryByFeyi (Photo By: LBF)

Fashionistas & Aspiring Luxury Fashion Designers,

Do you have what it takes to become a well-known and international fashion brand? But perhaps you feel like you don’t have the fashion industry knowledge, experience or connections to make your brand become successful.

LuxuryByFeyi is giving away the exact step-by-step strategy used to launch a signature fashion collection that Hollywood celebrities, stylists and VIP’s couldn’t wait to buy.

Join the multi award-winning luxury fashion designer, Feyisola Adeyemi in her upcoming Unstoppable Fashionista Masterclass, where she will be teaching her fashion business-building strategy. 

So if you are an aspiring or existing luxury fashion designer but struggling, this is definitely for you!


Inside The High-End Fashion Industry: How The Luxury Fashion Industry Works And How To Find Your Place In It
• What fashion means to you. Passion or an act, your definition of fashion with examples, what’s your personal style like and why do you want to be a designer? Also the importance of being true to yourself. 
• Understanding the luxury fashion industry as an insider.
• Learn what luxury fashion means (Art and Timeless) and how your brand vision fits within the luxury fashion world.  
• What impact can you make in the high-end fashion industry?
• Learn how to discover and define your luxury brand identity. 

From Bland To Brand (Building Your Brand DNA): How To Create Your Dream 7-Star High-End Fashion Brand That Attracts Top Celebrity Stylists And Fashion Publications Such As Vogue And Many More…
• The top 3 secrets required to create your luxury fashion brand (Creative direction, Design and Signature theme). 
 • Brand Authentication: meaning what’s the uniqueness of your brand and what does it stand for.  
• How to create your brand signature theme that remains consistent through all your designs. 
• Developing your brand message that translates through all marketing channels e.g logos, portfolios, social media and website.

Production Mastery: The Secret Steps To Producing And Crafting Your Luxury Fashion Collection. We Will Be Providing Guidance, Introductions, and Network For Your Next Luxury Collection
• Defining your specialised department and area in fashion.
• Finding inspiration through music, architecture, fictional characters, art, nature and colour can all play a part in how your brand differentiates itself in the marketplace.  
• Creating shapes and silhouettes: the shape and silhouette of your garment can be a very important part of communicating the message you want in your design.  
• How to source suitable materials, fabrics and accessories for your production.  
• Creating a signature look to resonate with your brand vision.
• Creating an artistic and timeless storytelling collection.

A Luxury Collection That Leads to Sales: How To Effectively Brand Your Fashion Line To Attract The Right Target Audience And Also Discover Some Hidden Marketing Strategies
• Learn how to identify gaps in product offerings and ways to measure up your competition. 
• Learn how to identify your consumers, connect and build relationships with them. Brand loyalty depends on how deeply your consumers value your brand.  
• Learn how to create and carve your niche.  
• Learn how to pitch to stockists and fashion buyers.  
• Learn how to identify and select the right/suitable fashion show for your brand.  
• Learn how to carefully select a brand to collaborate with that can drive your brand’s growth and avoiding common pitfalls when collaborating.

Feyisola Adeyemi (CEO & Creative Director of LuxuryByFeyi) has dressed numerous Hollywood celebrities and her designs often get requested by celebrity stylist who dress Beyoncé, The Kardashians, Mariah Carey and Other A-List Celebrities. As well as African dignitaries, including Chief Princess Zainab Abah Folawiyo, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa and numerous top Nollywood stars. LBF glamorous collections have graced some of the top UK runway platforms including a collaboration showcased with Aston Martins Motors London during London Fashion Week. Also recently graced the 2019 MTV European Awards stage with one of the brand artistic designs, donned by Latin powerhouse artist Becky G. Including an appearance at the 2019 Coachella stage by American Rock star artist Laura Leezy from Khraungbin band. Followed by another appearance at the 2019 International Emmy Awards nailed by the American famous fashion influencer Jessica Carrie Lee and the 2020 NAACP Image award. In-addition to features in several publications such as Vogue UK, Grazia, Schon, Glamour UK, Trend Prive, Ellements, Vituogenix, The Glass Magazine, Regard Magazines and many more.