Bill Gates: The Man Of The Future

Bill Gates, Co-Founder Of Microsoft (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Over the years, his name has been associated with innovation, charity and development. He has been a forerunner of creating big opportunities out of seemingly little things with a particular ingredient, the future. 

Since his name became widely known with his company Microsoft, he has been known with a peculiar characteristic—the manner in which he took on challenges. Unlike most people, his approach has been to recognise the problem, carefully prepare a response and then execute a solution with extreme precision. And a funny thing about him is that once he seems something has been solved, he moves to the next phase. 

Since 2008, he has invested less time with Microsoft and more of it he has spent it focusing on bigger problems to solve. Lately, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is the largest private charity in the world with a $47 billion endowment is planning to team up with Amazon Care—a virtual medical clinic currently offered to employees.

The whole idea behind the teaming up is not just humanitarian in nature but also quite strategic. Together, both the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Amazon Care plan to provide free home testing kits to Seattle residents who believe they may have contracted the coronavirus with the aim of performing thousands of tests daily while keeping potentially sick people out of doctors’ offices and hospitals, where they can do real harm without knowing it. 

This makes perfect sense especially with the way COVID-19 has been hitting scores of people which unlike what was known before the virus appears to be most communicable when the infected have no symptoms at all. One of the things discovered about the virus is that it is believed to have a basic reproductive number, i.e R-naught of four. This means that every new case gets to infect four more people who in turn infect other four each and the number goes on. This incredible reproductive capacity explains why the cases skyrocketed so fast in the Wuhan district where it all began and why the numbers are up the roof now in the United States. 

So far it has been projected that about 98 million Americans will be infected and about 480,000 may die of the virus. The rapid spread of the virus combined with the estimated amount of victims it’s supposed to have just in the United States is the reason behind why Bill Gates is pushing for the increase in testing kits in home states. That way once the scope of the problem and contraction is determined, medical personnel, policymakers and lawmakers can easily strategize on the way forward. 

Just as this venture of his is great hope for humanity, it is also a great avenue for investors most especially in these trying times. 

Laboratory Corp of America Holdings considers itself the world’s leading health care diagnostics company which made about $11.6 billion in sales in just 2019 and with the entire situation with COVID-19 its sales are just about to fly out the roof. Since testing for Coronavirus is about to increase greatly in the country Labcorp will be playing a great role in the entire procedure which has the White House’s backing now. 

In a release on March 14, it was stipulated that LabCorp facilities will be capable of performing 10,000 tests per day by the end of next week, and 20,000 tests per day by the end of the month. Numbers which will translate to fortunes on a long run. 

With the new solution that Bill Gates has procured, investors can easily get a chunk off the big cake if and only if they know how to do it right just as Bill Gates has over the years.