What ‘Rare’ Want Us To Know About Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez (Photo By: Getty Images)

Talk about an artist who has gone a long way in her career; with so much going on around her, yet standing firm and producing music in such a unique way that her music can not be mistaken for anyone else.

Selena Gomez has always been a sweet girl with very big potential and capacity. Her beginnings were simple, in fact, almost blank; although it all her life had been on the media she has had a very simplistic yet turbulent and filled life, and yet, the only places where the world can feel the traces of whatever is going on with her is in her songs. Songs that have topped charts over and over again, touched hearts over and over again and have built her career in a way that uniquely spells Selena Gomez in unique specially made Selena-calligraphy and called out in her hushed subdued yet emotionally strong and turbulent Selena voice.

Her new 2020 single ‘Rare’ is aptly named considering the artist behind it and it is most definitely her best single ever, no biases and no comparison. The single is filled with words relating to her feelings in the most Selena way possible; feelings that she seems so afraid of, even to sing about them, yet she fights them with her words and emotion-laden voice and overcomes them. Rare is another expressive single of Selena which depicts the life of a woman that the universe throws so much at for her to handle but she never fails in tackling it all. 

Before her latest single ‘Rare’ popped up, her artistry history is of nothing but pure genius and goodness. From “Slow Down” in 2013 to “Hands to Myself” in 2015 to “Bad Liar” in 2017, everything has been nothing but the best. It’s no surprise that she had to outdo herself once again with the new single. 

In recent years, Selena has had quite a great deal to handle. Spanning from lupus to a kidney transplant, breaking up with Justin Bieber uncountable times, then finally dating the Weekend. She has had a fair share of turmoil and issues to drag her down and keep her low — but Selena isn’t one of those to stay defeated or even get defeated. She’s handled it all face on and her records are not just tales of her struggles but also success stories and a challenge to the universe to bring it on if there is anymore. Despite the hurdles, her records are always filled with messages that speak of wellness, healthiness, positivity, self-empowerment and good humor too with a splash of metaphorical word usages. 

No one would deny that there was a time everyone saw her career doomed with association with her ex- Justin Bieber as many counted her as unlucky. Seriously, it was a tough relationship she had with Justin that ended with battles of hit songs about each other back and forth. The whole thing ended with Justin getting married and Selena was finally liberated. 

As someone who has had her whole life displayed on the spotlight, Selena has really grown to become a woman of her own that can handle things and still stand strong at the end of it. This growth is what she displays in her new single Rare where she sings about being madly in love with someone she doesn’t like or respect too much and she’s sick of it; she kicks her weirdly sexual toaster metaphors over that funk throb and testifies about emerging from stormy personal tribulations until she’s “holding hands with the darkness and knowing my heart is allowed.”

The single is emotion laced, with her voice toned and heavy with her mixed-up confusion yet there is some clarity to it all, as there is always clarity to her person. 

Rare is her emotional anchor and atrophy of her victories from struggles, an affirmation that she like her single, is rare.