In The Age Of Global Quarantine, The Queen Continues Her Royal Work

Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom (Photo by Getty Images)

Globally, many people have been working from home since governments issues total or partial lockdowns in a bid to curb and control the spread of Coronavirus, and the royal family have joined the bandwagon of those working from home. 

This definitely has come as a necessity after the sudden news that the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles has contacted the virus and tested positive. Many who believed or presumed that Her Majesty might have also fallen victim to the virus following a recent picture of Her Majesty on the phone with the British Prime Minister casually dressed in a lilac cardigan and tweed skirt, officially published by Buckingham Palace. Definitely the picture of the Queen in good health and working on the phone is a strong message that the virus is stopping the royal business from moving and it’s a sign of relief to the British people too. 

As people who are accustomed to having face-to-face interactions with people, dinner and garden parties, the royals have now been restricted to working from home in a bid to practice social distancing for their own safety and that of others around them. It’s a great effort on the part of the members of the royal family to work from home as their engagements are hardly ever restricted to one place or a single individual but they are trying to adjust and the Queen’s interaction on the phone with the British Prime Minister; a conversation which before used to be face-to-face and private, is the first step to that. 

According to a source in the palace who spoke with Vanity Fair, it is needful to accept that things are changing and the members of the royal family now have to become conversant with the technological as the source says, “At the moment the royals are doing what everyone else is doing, social distancing and isolating. But we are having to look ahead to the coming weeks and months and how things will work in the near future. People are working on the technical side so that certain audiences and some engagements can be done online.” He also adds, “We’re thinking outside the box and working out how to do things differently because we might be in this situation for weeks if not months. No one wants to sit around doing nothing so we’re coming up with other ways to do things. Digital is now the way forward.”

Members of the royal family are quickly adapting to their new means and mode of in-house work as earlier this week, the Countess of Wessex took to Twitter to speak to the nation in a video that was filmed by her daughter Lady Louise; and Prince William also filmed a video appeal for the National Emergencies Fund and visited an NHS call centre in Croydon, London. 

Although many physical meetings and engagements have been cancelled, the royals are still very much in contact with their charities and giving them their full support in such trying times as they write letters of assurance to their patronages and charities.

As the Queen in a recently issued statement urged all Britons to work together to fight the virus and also assured her people of doing her own quota with her family, the royal family working from home is definitely a sign of them doing their own little part and as far as the Queen remains in good health it is sure that the royal family shall brace through the virus storm and lead its people to get through it all.