The Price Of Being A Royal In The 21st Century

Many people when they think about being a royal and the royal life as a whole always have cool castles, super awesome wardrobe get-ups and nice ballroom parties, endless food consumption, and all the other common Disney-like add-ons. For those reasons, the idea of royalty becomes appealing and great, but the fact is that in the real sense of it becoming or being a royal is now a very expensive enterprise.

With the kind of world we live in today where the mantra is to keep work and family a far away from each other as possible and even more far away from the public eyes the royal life is like the extreme opposite of that with no boundaries whatsoever between the personal and work. The royal life is the one where your family and all it involves is your job.

The unmarked boundary is so profound to the point where everything about you and your family which should be deemed private goes under deep public scrutiny. Births are not left out of this tough job. As a royal, you are expected to come out from the hospital in your full glory showing off your baby despite the fact that all you desire is a warm bed and a plan on how to cope. 

Everything about being or living as a royal is criticized, from the way you carry your new bundle of joy while exiting the hospital to what you should and shouldn’t consume while in the nursing phase are all up for criticism. Nothing passes and escapes the very alert critical eye of the world when you are royal. Everything is laid bare and tackled yet it is all surprisingly still what it means to be a royal. 

One would wonder though if the lifestyle of constantly being under scrutiny, facing criticisms from unknown people, having to uphold standards that are beyond unrealistic and trying to look super human is all a reason why instances like the exit of Prince Harry and Meghan from the royal scene became a thing. Despite the fact that both are very much accustomed to the spotlight, it was obvious that the royal one-hit is different and was way too deep for them, crossing all sane boundaries of limits which definitely pushed them to the breaking point. 

It makes one wonder then if all the scrutiny and criticism and constant uncomfortable watching of a royal is the penance price they have to pay for such a high standard lifestyle, like a very expensive price to pay if you consider within the context of the 21st century of social media invasion. Or again, one is forced to think that all these criticisms are the world’s way of feeling better about itself for not being a royal and therefore it gives the world the right to tax these royals for who they are. 

Whichever the case may be, the fact is that being a royal these days has an increasingly high price coming with it.