Lady Gaga Shot A Colourful & Melodious Music Video Professionally With iPhone 11 Pro

Lady Gaga (Photo: Getty Images/Vogue)

Lady Gaga’s Oscar-winning new single “Stupid Love” was written in collaboration with BloodPop, Max Martin, Tchami, Martin Joseph and Eli Rise. It is the first single from her new album “Chromatica” and it is nothing but a pure fusion between art and commerce. 

The video is not just a comeback to limelight of Lady Gaga that will be released on the 10th of April, but it’s one that comes with a powerful message as explained by director Daniel Askill who says: “When the video first came to me, it was in the form of a voicemail from Gaga, she spoke about these seven warring tribes as a metaphor for the state of the world today — that’s what hooked me. She was interested in trying to bring across this message of peace and coming together and putting our differences aside.”

Not only is the message highly relevant with relations to the peculiar global political arena, but it is also every bit colourful and melodious, with dancing that is just typical of Lady Gaga.

Another very unique thing about the video is the fact that it was entirely shot with an iPhone 11 Pro. The real fact isn’t about the iPhone but more about what the role the phone played in the making of such exquisite and unique video — the entire process was not merely a work of art or a means of expressing art in its finest medium, but also the fact that formerly existing barriers and distinguishing feature between art and commerce are being broken and erased thereby melding them into one. 

The entire video was shot with iPhones — with three of them attached to a steady cam, a pair attached to drones thereby giving an overhead view and a couple manually operated by the director Daniel Askill and the DP. According to the director who has directed videos for artists like Sia, as well as ads for Apple he says: “Obviously, this is so smart on behalf of both Gaga and Apple to just lean into the blurring of that line — and just focus on creating a great piece of content that can bridge the gap between the two.” He further added, “I’ve been lucky to do projects for Apple in the past but never one that’s been fully shot on an iPhone, so this was a new experience for me.”

According to the director and other members of the set, the phones were easy to manipulate and work with, although Askill says it involved some level of learning and experimentation to put the phones through the professional film environment with optimal functioning. 

With so much patronage on the part of Lady Gaga, it was no surprise that Apple allowed her album campaign all the necessary exposure on their platforms. Steve Berman, vice chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M (IGA) says: “To be able to work with Apple and their power and their reach? To me, we’re very lucky a company like Apple is willing.” He added, “When you wake up and you see Lady Gaga on the cover of, that is as good a feeling as you get.”

Lady Gaga’s video definitely was a hit and a grand collaboration between Apple and anything music and visuals related and it isn’t the company’s first one too. There was Interscope’s U2 2014 commercial for iPod where “Vertigo,” was used. In 2007, the songwriter Feist approved “1, 2, 3, 4” for an iPod Nano spot which shot the sales to the roof and the likes of Drake, Taylor Swift popped up in Apple’s music ad in 2016. 2019 saw the collaboration of MacBook Air which helped to launch the song “Trampoline” by Shaed. With so many collaborations, there’s definitely more to come. 

Steve Berman on his part speaks about how the advancement in technology has become a way for artists to capitalize on opportunities and carry out their dreams, as Apple is a wide-ranged medium it would definitely help out as he says: “Apple is the partner you dream of to be able to do that.”

Definitely, a video many are looking forward to watching and jiving to Lady Gaga style.