Harry & Meghan’s Revival Of Princess Diana’s Lifestyle

Harry & Meghan (Photo: Getty Images)

No one ever said that royal life is an easy life, it’s a life that requires to be strictly under scrutiny at all times while keeping one’s composure, living a life run by the royal agenda and taking everything that the critics say with a cheerful smile and a calm spirit. 

The life of a royal is a tough life that not everyone can stand no matter how much they’ve survived under the ever-watchful gaze of the spotlight and the paparazzi. Definitely, it was a life Prince Harry and Meghan Markle couldn’t stand seeing themselves thriving in for long with the ever prying eyes of paparazzi, the nosy attitude of the world through the social media and the regimented lifestyle of royalty. A life that Princess Diana too found hard to follow up with and surprisingly pulled out of for her own safety. Like mother, like son. 

There was a time the very words that Prince Harry uttered concerning his and his wife’s reasons for relinquishing their royal duties and obligations were very much similar to that of his late mother, Princess Diana who in a charity lunch in 1993 said: “I hope you can find it in your hearts to understand and to give me the time and space that has been lacking in recent years…I was not aware of how overwhelming that [media] attention would become…”

Prince Harry for quite some time — since his marriage and the birth of his son Prince Archie, amidst battling lawsuits against a British tabloid and other related things, has recognized and drawn a comparison between the struggles himself and his wife are facing against the media and that of his mother. In his words, he said: “I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.”

Definitely, the media has been a powerful tool of the royal family but it’s also a very harmful component of their lifestyle as it’s the major way through which the lifestyle of the royal is depicted and displayed to the world. 

Although Prince Harry and Megan Markle had to a great extent been able to control their own media voice and representation of what and who they really are and want to be by establishing their own separate and independent channels and outlets to the world by using their own website and Instagram account and also by directly and personally making their intentions known to the public and also dealing with reporters directly. Basically, they’ve been able to break down the unseen barrier between themselves and the public by being more of anybody else than people with extreme privileges. 

One of the people who were with Princess Diana through her spacing out and distancing phase from her royal duties was her former personal assistant and private secretary. She recalls the look and feel of relief on Princess Diana’s face once she finally let the words “time” and “space” out of her system. The fact that she had it out, and the fact that the media for the last time served her well to disseminate the message and get the public to sympathize with her and understand her was like the icing to her perfect cake. 

Princess Diana as her former private secretary recalls, was enthusiastic about being out of the regimental lifestyle that was the royal lifestyle, she looked ahead to a future where she could once again be herself, do her things at will without being under severe scrutiny from the media. But just as she saw herself drifting away from the royal world, she found out that there were some things about that world that she couldn’t simply get rid of or escape from. She began to fall back into almost the same things and lifestyle she had while following a royal calendar. Her path was still intertwined with that of royalty where she got practical and minimal benefits of fancy cars, bodyguards, and planes but switched the royal activities and calendar for a very much related pattern of routine and habit like the one she had in her royal duties. 

The truth was that Princess Diana wanted to be far away from that same routine, habit, pattern, a tradition that the royal lifestyle gave and brought while still living the life of a royal, but she still fell in place with something much similar only less scrutinized and with lesser privileges. It was a case of old habits never die or probably die hard. 

The same goes for Prince Harry and Megan Markle, they wish to live off with less or no regiments and planned out life while still enjoying the benefits of royalty. As it stands if their case is anything to go by like that of Princess Diana, they should be prepared to have less of royalty and detach themselves completely from it before it’s too late and earn their place in the world and spotlights as themselves without attaching their persons to their royal extensions because as it already stands they might be diminishing soon if they don’t work themselves up, and to also avoid falling back into the lifestyle they once ran away from like Princess Diana. 

Definitely, if there is one thing the couple needs to learn from the Princess is that if you want to run, don’t look back because if you do, you might still be attached or reattach yourself to what you are running from.