Luxury Tourist Attractions & Destinations In Dubai

A view of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. (Photo by Pixabay)

Once tourist attractions and places are mentioned, Dubai always pops up amongst the many. If by any chance you have plans to visit the splendid and rich Dubai or you have it on your bucket list, here is a quick guide through for you on the excess luxury to experience in Dubai. 

It is one of the seven states that makes up the United Arab Emirates located in the Persian Gulf. With a total inhabitant population of 2.3 million, Dubai has become the tourist hub of the world with fascinating and one of a kind experiences and adventures. 

The entire area that makes up the country is divided between the fully urbanized coast zone which has some of the world’s greatest infrastructure like Burj Khalifa which is the only seven-star hotel in the world with an incredible height of 848 meters above the ground which definitely makes it the tallest building in the world, and the desert zone which expands to the east and south. 

Take a walk through Dubai Creek to get to know the ancient city
As of the 17th century, Dubai looked nothing like what it is today, back then the area was simply populated by the Bani Yas, who had the place as a small fishing village that developed on the banks of Dubai Creek.

Although the state has developed immensely, tourists can still travel this river by boat to see the small ports that are still in operation, and also get to see the oldest neighborhoods or souks, where the likes of spices, gold or pearls are. The historic district of Al Fahidi is also a stopping point, as it is an area full of narrow streets in the purest Arab style.

Enjoy a day at the beach in Marina Beach
The Dubai Marina area is definitely a tourist hotspot that is located off the coast and with countless attractions which includes over 200 skyscrapers, and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), which is a tourist complex perfect for the family, there is also the Dhow cruise dinner and many others. Shopping spots are also present in the area amongst which is the City Walk. There are also places for accommodation, outdoor cinemas, restaurants, there is a water park and also one of the best beach areas in Dubai: he JBR Beach, which is seven kilometers long.

Enjoy the best show in Dubai: La Perle
At the West of Dubai Creek is Al Habtoor City, which is a tourist complex with hotels, restaurants, SPA and an immense theater created for the representation of a resident work: La Perle, which was created by Franco Dragone. 

La Perle has a swimming pool, where actors fly over it and the stands have a 270º design to offer the spectators an almost panoramic view. The entire place is a true show in the style of Circus of the Sun. And access to the place is unlimited as people can see it all year. 

The Jumeirah Mosque

As a state located in the Arab Emirates, Dubai has quite a splendid number of mosques of which Jumeirah mosque is the most notable. This is so because it is the only mosque in Dubai where non-Muslims can enter and non-Muslim women too as far as they wear headscarves to honour and respect the tradition. The entire Jumeirah mosque is all white and built entirely out of stone with a capability to house more than 1000 people in the main room. It also has two minarets. 

The Hindu temple of Gurunanak
Another must-visit historical spot in Dubai is the Hindu temple of Gurunanak which is located a couple of kilometers off the coast. The cultural distinction of the place is associated with the fact that it congregates numerous Christian-Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant temples and it has large Hindu temples and it’s the main congregation site of the Hindu community in the city. Entrance to this cultural space is allowed as far as the attire rules and the rituals that are performed are respected.

Boat in Dubai
Boat rentals are a very cheap means to sightsee in Dubai. With it tourists get a sea view of Dubai and also get to bathe anywhere, bordering the Panamera Jumeirah.

World’s largest indoor amusement park
The IMG Worlds of Adventure located about 20km from the central district of Dubai is an all indoor adventure area with the roller coaster located outside and it is the world’s largest indoor amusement park with an endless variety of fun with attractions ranging from Enchanted World, Jurassic area, Marvel area, 5D attractions and many more things to enhance the fun.


Walk the desert in 4×4
Although a great deal of the residential and populated area of Dubai is located towards the coast, the desert area is still a must go spot when Dubai visit is on. For a fun time excursion of the endless expanse of the desert, there are 4 x 4 rides arranged to explore the sand dunes which are connected by road to the coast. Excursions are also arranged with camel rides and tourists can eat and even sleep in some accommodation located in small oases all around such as Al Maha, which is located about 40 kilometers from the capital.

Dubai Safari Park
At the outskirts of the city in the district of Al Warqa 5 is a zoo which is home to the largest number of species found in an enclosed area in the United Arab Emirates, and it houses a variety of animals from lions and crocodiles to giraffes and flamingos. The entire area of the zoo is divided into several areas which include the African Village, a children’s park which is also an aquatic area and endless restaurants. 

In other words, a luxury trip to Dubai is like diving into an entire universe of super chic infrastructures, dazzling views and attractions, and endless fun.