Little Women — As Directed By Greta Gerwig

Little Women (Movie Poster)

Directed by Greta Gerwig, the movie Little Women as an adaptation of the book itself is not one of those movies that talks about the place of women in a random society, no, Little women depicts women who displayed a great understanding of their conditions whilst building themselves to the level they desired in the most business minded and financial way possible. 

The movie features women of all walks of life, and it tells the story of how Jo March, the main protagonist and her family embarked on a journey that led to entrepreneurial triumph. 

In the movie, Jo displays a character that is very common with business-inclined individuals, the hustling spirit. As a woman who has a knack for improvisation, Jo is always ready to go the hard yet rightful way in getting things sorted and it’s obvious in the movie where she decides to sell her hair to cater for the family needs instead of giving up or looking for easier means. Same goes for her decision to reject the amorous advances of her rich friend Lauren as she could foresee a future of unfulfilled dreams and life despite the riches. She preferred to stay on her lane and work hard rather than have it easy. 

As a writer, Jo March has it hard as she seems not to get things right with her publisher, Mr. Dashwood who perceived her work as unrefined and raw to the taste of the audience. His character depicts someone not who is bias based on the fact that Jo is a woman, but rather based on what he knows the market will accept and consume. 

In the movie there is also Amy who in her teen years was the spitting image of vain and immature as she often acted childish and narcissistic in her youth. But when reality hit her while in Paris with her aunt that she could not be the great artist she had always dreamed of, she decided to fashion her dream alongside the reality of the market. She got to marry for love and got money along with it which pushed her to where she wanted to be. The movie follows her journey to maturity from a silly young woman to one who found fulfillment while fashioning her dreams in line with her financial reality.

Little Women also has Meg who though not as lucky as Amy with marriage as she married beneath her station and had complicated financial problems, she was still satisfied with her choices and financial path in life, she was contempted with it all. There is also Beth who with enduring a long-term suffering, still made the choice of dying her own way. 

The story depicts all these women in their own lives following their dreams and living their lives their own way despite the society’s financial harshness and standards. It’s a movie that depicts understanding one’s wants and needs and getting the best out of life with a tight priority list. 

At the end there is a scene where Jo finally gets her book published and hugs it with pride, giving that face of satisfaction when you finally accomplish something the right way and the final result is just what you wished for and much more. 

Little Women as directed by Greta Gerwig is one filled not with cases of biases and unfair societal treatment based on gender but one that shows how each woman can take a stand in terms of financial strength and fortification, effortlessly molding the occurrences of life around their specific situations and accepting with satisfaction and pride the final results of their molds knowing that it was all a thing of choice and action.