Yummy: An Ode To Hailey Baldwin By Justin Bieber

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 06: Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber seen on the streets of Midtown Manhattan on August 6, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images

The magnificent and great return of Justin Bieber! 

Yes, that’s the best way to tag the return and renewed fervour of Justin Bieber to the musical industry. 

After Purpose which he released in 2015, he seemed to have gone along the line of focusing more on other things other than his musical career but that didn’t mean he had totally absconded from being the Bieber that we know him to be as he still had his fingers in the musical pie as he had various collaborations with various artists.

Well to answer the many doubting and worried fans who thought that the reign of Justin Bieber was over, the great Bieber has returned in full force with his new song titled ‘Yummy,’ which he released January 3.

After seriously teasing his millions of followers on Instagram all through the end of the year with postings and pictures such as “December 24, December 31, January 3 … #2020,” the world knew that something was cooking with Bieber and true to it, it was all pointing to his upcoming new album, his YouTube docu-series titled Justin Bieber: Seasons, and his tour.

The best part is that the romantic Bieber is still all the way present as the track titled ‘Yummy’ is an ode to his wife Hailey Baldwin. Isn’t that sweet?

Yes, Bieber went all the way to dedicating a tract to his beloved wife Hailey whom he married in Sept 13, 2018. The lyrics of the songs include, “Hop in the Lambo’/ I’m on my way,” he sings. “Drew House slippers on with a smile on my face / I’m elated that you are my lady.” All for his sweet lady. 

Before the song and album was officially released, Bieber gave an insight to his new outlook about life and how his music was going to be representing the new phase in his life. And as at October, Bieber also posted on his Instagram page the word  “R&Bieber” which was already getting a trademark legal document being filed for it by his team. All was definitely in preparation for the new and improved Justin Bieber that we are getting in 2020.

The best we can do now is to enjoy all that Bieber has to offer the world, and oh how the world awaits to see Justin Bieber.