Specific Luxury Products With Profitable Resale Value

What are the end products and end results of your luxury brand purchases? Your luxury bags, clothing accessories and clothing themselves? What do you do with them after a particular period of usage? What becomes of them? Do you dispose of them by burning, or do you give them out to your loved ones or friends, or do you merely dump them in your attic or garage until someday you need to make a move and just throw away? 

Many of us don’t really have fixed plans for the final disposal of our luxury purchases. Some of us would wait for the time to come and then dispose of by giving out to charity or friends or whatever while some just dump it somewhere. 

What if you knew that you could still make some great profit from the resale of such luxury products? Like we know about reselling land after a while when the value appreciates and the same goes for some jewellery whose value tends to increase after being kept for a while or even after usage. So the same applies to some specific luxury brands. 

These specific luxury brands products not only add value to you as at the time of purchase but also as at the time of the desired disposal for one reason or the other such as new fashion trend, or inadequate size or material issue. 

The resale of such luxury brand products can be done on such platforms like TheRealReal which is a luxury consignment site were collectors of luxury items get to turn their old yet viable luxury brand purchases into money once more. A win-win case for the collector actually because at the initial point the collector gets to make use of it and at the end the product still gets to bring in money. 

Over time with the great traffic of resale of luxury brand products, TheRealReal has been able to compile a list of the luxury brands with the highest resale values in the open luxury resale market. Products ranging from wristwatches to bags, clothing accessories and also clothing materials themselves are all included in the list which has luxury brands such as Supreme at the leader position whose resale of its product Box Logo Hoodie has the highest resale value. Other brands include Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermès and so on.

So next time you wish to purchase a luxury brand product, how about thinking of a future resale and in that way you do not merely buy any luxury brand product but you buy the right luxury brand product that will guarantee a good price for resale.

Here we have a list of the luxury brands with the highest resale value along with the products from the highest to the least just to give you a little heads up for your next luxury brand shopping. 

1. Supreme; luxury item: the Box Logo Hoodie

2. Goyard; luxury item: St. Louis Tote

3. Van Cleef & Arpels; luxury item: the Alhambra Bracelet

4. Hermès; luxury item: Birkin

5. Louis Vuitton; luxury item: Neverfull

6. Rolex; luxury item: GMT-Master

7. Tiffany & Co.; luxury item: Bone Cuff

8. Patek Philippe; luxury item: Aquanat Travel Time

9. Cartier; luxury item: Juste un Clou Bracelet

10. Moncler; luxury item: Moka Puffer Coat