Heavenly Meditation Retreats Famously Patronized By Celebrities Around The World

Breathe in, breathe out, relax, exhale deeply, mindfully let go of all stress and let your body relax and slowly ease itself into a state of calmness and peace. 

We all need to hear those statements in our lives. As humans, we all go through varying levels of stress as we go about our daily lives, from household chores to executive business engagements; life in itself is all about stress, and for some people, it’s much more stress than the average, most especially for the wealthy who seem to have embodied a superpower capacity of multi-tasking and multi-performances. 

At some point in our lives, we require a break, not necessarily a vacation but a retreat, a mindful hermit mission to reconcile and reconstruct the energies of the body and soul together, to recharge, revive and rekindle the almost extinguished flame that burns within us. And for that, we head to wellness and meditation retreats where the universal forces seem to align to help us on our path to revitalization.

Knowing fully well this extreme necessity that the body has, the rich and wealthy have devised their getaway plans, once a year or more for that moment of peace and quiet, that moment of continued relaxation in the hands of the best professionals and at the best locations where such exercises can be carried out and the goals achieved. 

If you are keen on recharging your constantly low body battery, keen on reviving your drained spirit and energizing your soul once again for what the year has to offer, how about embarking on a journey with us to see the best wellness and meditation retreats, visited and recommended by the wealthy and celebrities in the world where you can fully achieve the perfect calm and relaxation you need. 

1. Cal-a-vie, San Diego, California

Looking for somewhere toespeciallyy combine the universal forces and centralize your wellness on your mind-body-spirit triangle, then the Cal-a-vie spa is meant for you.

Located in San Diego, California, Cal-a-vie is a 500-acre homeland for wellness, with all facilities available for you to have an al-roundd revamp and revitalization. 

With spiritual experts assisting the guests with daily guided visualization and expanding mind meditation, the spa offers 20 unique class offerings such as Calm Mind & Body Tai Chi, Aqua Yoga, Muscle Melt, and Tension Release Exercise all for the utmost attainment of that inner and bodily peace and calm.

The spa also has more than enough staff available to catertor the physical and spiritual needs of the guests as the staffing ratio is 5:1. Aside from that, there is a farm-to-table cuisine which ensures meal provision for guests three times daily to ensure that their guests are nutritionally fit to enjoy all the goodness available. 

No wonder it’s a favourite retreat-go-to spot for celebrities like Natalie Portman and Oprah Winfrey.

2. AnandaSpaa in the Indian Himalayas

If what you seek is a total stay-off from the outside world, it’s stress and worries, then head to the Ananda Spa at the foothills of the Himalayas in the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal’s former palace. 

It’s retreat style revolves around yoga and Vedanta, which is an ancient Indian philosophy of peace which can be found and achieved by keeping the mind and intellect in check.

Here you get to experience full relaxation as it’s not just any kind of spa but it is ranked at the top of any list of luxurious wellness destinations. With not only the best treatment fit for a royal but also the best meals as each guest has his meal prescribed according to his or her dosha type, as diagnosed by an Ayurvedic doctor-in-residence. Plus all guests are issued white pyjamas all through their stay to induce calmness. 

Ananda Spa is definitely the place for the ultimate relaxation, and celebrities like Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, royalty like Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and also Hollywood stars like Kate Winslet and Nicole Kidman definitely agree with that as they have experienced their ultimate relaxation in the capable confines of the Ananda Spa.

3. Golden Door Spa, San Diego, California

The Golden Door Spa in San Diego California is the home of everything calm, everything refreshing, everything natural and everything peaceful. 

It’s not just any kind of spa, but it’s one that has been built 60 years ago solely for the purpose of ensuring that its guests enjoy the heights of relaxation and serenity. 

Everything about the Golden Door Spa exudes serenity, tranquility and mindfulness. All these are reflected in the structure of the rooms built for the spa, alongside with the garden which is Japanese styled and also seen all the way to the hiking trails which are made up of 600-acres of nature for you to breathe in peace. Not to forget the excellently large and secluded labyrinth located within the grounds of the spa where the guests are encouraged to walk through towards the end of their visit.

The spa offers a very extensive menu of meditative activities which include archery, chakra meditation, clay sculpture, haiku composition, breathwork, watercolurss and Tai’ Chi. Als,o each guest receives a daily in-room massage, five ski caree or body treatments and a manicure/pedicure for extra pampering and extra body love. Alongside this, the spa also offers meals which are made from ingrown products from the spa’s gardens. 

It’s no wonder that Hollywood royalties like Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Wood and other Hollywood celebrities like Julia Roberts and her niece, Emma Roberts are always keen to take some time out at the Golden Door Spa because it offers everything that will nourish not just the mind but also the soul and body. 

4. Privé Swiss, Connecticut 

For those who are very keen on finding a path to purpose while exploring and connecting with their mind’s capacity and abilities, alongside with rebuilding themselves in the best way possible, Privé Swiss is the perfect retreat spot for that. 

A combination of both a spa and a traditional rehabilitation cenrer, Privé Swiss offers the opportunity to once again strike a balance between the body and the mind as it has its unending line of professionals fully equipped to help check and build your mind and body in unison. 

It is an exclusive location which offers deep emotional and psychological work with a psychotherapist and/or a life coach, and bodywork in the form of yoga, Pilates, or mindful meditation training. All these are achieved daily with the help of high end and super professional life coaches, alternative healthcare providers, and fitness trainers, who each have a minimum of 20 years’ experience and are at the top of their game in their various fields.

The exclusivity of this spa is not just limited to its services and professionals but also to the number of guests that can enjoy all the goodness that this place has to offer, as each retreat is offered to an exclusivy limited number of three clients at a time. Each client gets to enjoy a one-on-one treatment in a super-luxurious accommodation with all treatments required. 

No doubt a perfect place for celebrity and TV series actor Kit Harrington to recover from both the mental and physical exertion he had experienced after the final conclusion of the series Game of Thrones. 

5. Retreatment by Taryn Toomey

If you wish to sweat the stress and worries out of your system and afterwards engage in a mindful re-composition of your mind while enjoying a luxurious time-out vacation in a variety of super cool locations, then take a trip to Retreatment by Taryn Toomey. 

The retreatment involves a hybrid cardio workout of HIIT, Pilates, meditation and spiritual release. Replete with squats, burpees, jumping jacks and lots of shouting and shaking off all the stress. A full emotional workout for its guests tagged The Class. 

The Retreatment is a multi-day vacation at luxurious resorts around the world such as the Dominican Republic, Martha’s Vineyard, Malibu, Mexico, Ojai, Rhode Island, Vermont and Mustique. Guests upon arrival are treated to a morning meditation session, followed by two hours of The Class, followed by communal brunch, spa activities, yoga and farm-to-table family dinner style. 

It’s a full day’s package for all those who are ready to sweat it to relax it. A perfect spot for celebrities like Naomi Watts and Jennifer Aniston who have taken a great liking to this luxurious haven of fitness and relaxation.

6. Stiftung Felsentor

In Switzerland, the peace and quiet that you seekgets enhanced by the nature that surrounds the Stiftung Felsentor. Situated amongst forest, pasture and lake Lucerne, the Felsentor is the perfect place to be one with nature and enjoy the bliss that nature has to offer.

The Felsentor offers not only the usual place for relaxation, but it also offers a program that involves about 3 and a half hours of silence and meditation sessions in the morning and another two hours of such meditation in the afternoon. There is also an open meditation practice for novices being offered by the centre for anyone who wishes to drop by and try.

With the splendid nature that surrounds the region, walks and hikes are definitely encouraged as they enhance the connection between man and nature and further connection is established with nature as the Felsentor itself has an animal shelter for previously suffering farm animals and also an organic farm where visitors experience an inter-connectedness to all beings and nature.

7. Woom Center

New York is synonymous to noise and stress but with the Woom Center being located there, there is a guarantee that all your stress and worries can be relieved even when you are in the busy New York City.

Woom center offers a very unique method of meditation and relaxation which is based primarily on the therapeutic properties of sound vibration. This is achieved through the use of a custom-designed 3D sound system.

The yoga and meditation sessions are carried out here where the sound system is present while the instructors lead and guide the students in an innovative and unique class while also featuring immersive, audio-responsive visual installations.

The Woom Center this year is providing something extra for relaxation as they are organizing a retreat focusing on yoga, sound and breath, and which will take place in the surfer town of Santa Teresa in beautiful Costa Rica. The retreat will entail not only yoga but also daily pranayama, sound and breath work practice along with meals and snacks all vegan. All in the view of a two-story beachfront Balinese style villas on the water.

8. Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch has a special program for all those who are seeking some time out to relax fully with a modern taste to it, as the ranch has a wide range of programs which include a special “Mindfulness in the Modern World” curriculum.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, the Canyon Ranch has a 6-day immersive group experience which takes place twice a year and is being hosted by the spa’s self-contained Life Enhancement Center. The entire experience is to encourage the participants to learn and practice mindfulness techniques which they can use on a daily basis. 

Asides from when the program is running, visitors can still encounter experts in life management, spirituality, fitness, medicine, nutrition all year round at the Ranch in both Arizona and also at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts.

9. Simple Peace

Looking for where to practice mindfulness and attain peace in the path of the holy ones? Then Italy is the perfect place for you. In the Umbrian city of Assisi, Italy, the home of Saint Francis of Assisi, one finds Simple Peace which offers retreat and relaxation programs which are a healthy mixture of both Western and Eastern spirituality. 

Simple Peace was founded by Ruth and Bruce Davis who have put together their unique perspectives on the path towards the attainment of peace, where Bruce, who is a  scholar in the teachings of St. Francis leads mostly silent meditations, and Ruth, who is a longtime student in Eastern meditation, enriches and teaches the silent sessions with guided Tai Chi and “sacred movement” rituals.

There are also one-on-one retreat guidance meetings, hatha yoga classes and unending hours for self-exploration in various forms of food preparation, journaling, hiking and therapeutic massages.  At Simple Peace, all the rooms have fireplaces and terraces that look over the local olive groves. A perfect view for some peaceful time. 

10. Bali Silent Retreat

Beautiful views, good food and serene environment, the perfect recipe for peaceful meditation and mindfulness. A recipe that only Bali Silent Retreat can offer. 

At this naturally-blessed and enhanced paradise, Bali Silent Retreat offers its guests the opportunity to practice silence at their own pace and in their own terms while also encouraging its guests to enjoy other activities such as New Earth Cooking class which avails the guests the chance to prepare healthy and safe meals with ingredients from the Retreat’s medicine garden, and also stargazing platforms for nighttime meditation and healing arts sessions. All at a comfortable pace and choice of the guests. 

If what you seek is peace in an eco-friendly natural environment, then Bali Silent Retreat is for you as it is surrounded by rice paddies,  also featuring hot springs and visits to nearby Buddhist temples.