Luxury Lifestyle Of The Rich Emiratis In Dubai 

Located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a global city and the business hub of Western Asia. Dubai is the comfort zone of the Arabians and Emiratis who are not just only religious but also stupendously rich. There is a great number of multi-millionaires all over Dubai with very peculiar commodity consumption lists which include having lions as pets, to owning the latest version of Lamborghini and so on. Yes these might just be totally insane for an ordinary person and here we shall highlight the most insane ways these financially loaded Emiratis are spending their money. Buckle up for a crazy and fun experience into the world of riches. 

• Escaping Traffic With An Helicopter

First we must note that Dubai traffic is still in the learning process next to traffic found in New York or other busy cities but if you as a normal person can’t stand a minor traffic, imagine how a super rich Emirati would feel, and for that, Emiratis in Dubai have the perfect traffic free solution, getting a helicopter to free them from the traffic stress while they enjoy the beautiful view from up there with their cars enjoying the airborne ride too. 

• Using Robots To Race Camels

What is an Arabian life without some camel race hmmm? Being a very ancient sport in the Middle East, many wealthy and rich members of the society are fond of joining camel racing clubs. Now the catch is instead of now being on a camel racing, these rich men have taken to having robots ride their camels instead of actual humans all for nothing much but the thrill of driving parallel to the track where there robot racing camels are at. Crazily rich right. 

• Blinging Their Luxury Cars With Real Plated Gold

We’ve seen Emiratis with golden tooth fixed luxuriously into their dentitions — yeah, but have you ever seen a blinged up car all in solid gold? Well if you haven’t then the Emiratis of Dubai have a little surprise for you. Their love for pimping up their cars cannot be understated and painting their super expensive cars in real plated gold is just one of those pimpings. 

• Flying Falcons On “First Class” In A Private Plane

We all have seen unique hobbies but this is just out of it. Many still dream to be aboard airplanes to enjoy the splendour in the first class cabins, whereas in Dubai, the Emiratis do not just fly themselves with a first class ticket but they also do fly their birds of prey, as we’ve once seen a picture of 80 falcons on plane; flying each on first class seat. Although it isn’t uncommon to see such birds of prey on a flight, but seeing a whopping 80 in the super expensive class seems like what a super rich Emirati would do. 

• Gifting “Golden Toilets” To Newlyweds

If their birds of prey can live such luxurious life, imagine what kinds of gifts would come forth from them. The rich Emiratis are known to give the best and most expensive types of gift and it has been proven as a king has been seen gifting his daughter a golden toilet all made out of gold at her wedding. Golden gift for a golden day. 

• Taking Car Rides With Their Pet Cheetah

We all love to take our pets out on a car ride, at least our regular pets, but the rich Emiratis do not do regular at all and their pets are not the kind we see on a normal day. In Dubai it’s quite normal for one to see a pet cheetah in the front seat of the car going on a cruise with its owner. Although the ownership of such exotic pets have been banned in United Arab Emirates, but there are still many who love the idea. 

• Making Their Luxury Cars Even More Luxurious

For the super rich Emiratis, spending on their rides is never a joke and they spend for the best as they fly their cars in diamonds, such as the Mercedes SL600 covered in 300,000 diamonds and furnished in mink going for $4.8 million.

• Creating The Largest Theme Park On Earth

There are theme parks and there are THEME PARKS and the latter is the one seen in Dubai. The world’s largest indoor theme park which cost a fortune of $1 billion called IMG World of Adventure. This large world is as big as 28 football fields with the Velociraptor ride which is the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the entire emirate. The park holds in total 21 rides, 28 dining areas along with 25 retail stores and lots more. 

• Casually Playing A Round Of Tennis In The Sky

This is no ordinary love for sports, the world’s highest tennis court is located in Dubai at 1000 feet above the ground at the Burj al Arab luxury hotel. Tennis pros Andre Agassi and Rogers Federer have been invited to enjoy a match up in the clouds on the heavenly court.

• Being Ecologically Friendly And Taking Their Camels To Work

As animals that have great historical roots in the region, camels are very dear to the people of the UAE and some Emiratis have gone to the point of taking their camels to work as many of them have been spotted taking the camel to work to help nature. 

• Accommodating Their Horses In Luxury Hotels

Animals sure get the best treatment from the wealthy in Dubai as horses are also not left out of the good life. The world’s most luxurious horse stables which are in Dubai are the home of the most pampered horses where they enjoy the best care while living in stables made of marble floors and quite grandiose hangings. 

• Feed ATM With Cash & Get Your Very Own Gold Bar

How about a gold dispensing ATM? Dubai has opened the first world’s gold dispensing ATM which offers 24-carat bars in 1,5 and 10 gram sizes all at the Emirates Palace hotel lobby. A very expensive withdrawal this would provide.

• Getting Delivery From A Ferrari

Delivery in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, only in Dubai. As McDonald’s has equipped its delivery service chain in Dubai with these road bad boys. A luxurious delivery indeed. 

• Even Police Officers Need To Ride In Style

In Dubai their motto must be ‘we ride in style’ as even the Police Force gets the coolest and the most luxurious rides ever. The Dubai police force has acquired sets of Aston Martin’s, the Audi R8, Ferrari’s and the Lamborghini Aventador for the patrolling of the streets.

• Covering Anything And Everything In Gold

The Arab world and its love for gold is really something and it’s quite understandable as the commodity is a big business in the region most especially Dubai where the rich just love to have everything in gold from their own dentitions to their cars, their food and drinks and every other thing we can ever imagine. 

• Creating The Largest Indoor Ski Resort In The World

Resorts are not left out when it comes to Dubai’s lavish lifestyle as they have the world’s largest indoor ski resort right in a desert. Located in the mall of the Emirates there are five different ski runs for different skill levels all maintained at a constant 33degrees Fahrenheit and the place is equipped with the right clothing and gears made available for visitors. 

• Actually Enjoying Being Stuck In Traffic

Earlier we spoke of about the rich Emiratis escaping traffic with an helicopter, but in the event of an unsuccessful airborne getaway, the rich Emiratis chill in their super luxurious cars and keep themselves busy with plans of the next big thing to acquire.

• Riding A Lion Like A Horse

Yes these super rich folks love their wild animals and a lion isn’t an exemption in the list of wild animals in their possession. And they go as far as riding the big cat of the jungle like a horse. 

• Playing With Lions On Top Of Their Expensive Rides

If owning a lion in a society where the ownership of wild animals is already forbidden with a fine of $136,000 is outrageous, what is more, outrageous then, than a lion owning Emirati cuddling with his pet on a Ferrari? A great expense that would be. 

• Making Their Cars As Unique As Possible

As Dubai spells uniqueness so do the super-rich spell uniqueness in their own ways as they each do their most lovable vehicles in the most different of ways all to show who is better than who. From having W Gold Plated Lamborghini to a Mercedes Benz covered in diamonds, all that uniqueness is seen only in Dubai.