Mary: A Kanye West Opera

After his successful opera show Nebuchadnezzar, Kanye has announced another opera named Mary which is just perfect as Christmas season is approaching. 

The opera is another of his works which he is doing in collaboration with Vanessa Beecroft and it takes place at the boat-racing arena Miami Marine Stadium which looks out onto an expanse of water. With a boat-only accessible stage, the actors and choir performing for the opera are conveyed by motorboat to the stage for the 4 pm performance. 

The choirs’ performance once again is in robes but this time they are sparkling silver coloured and they are coloured all through, from head-to-toe with their faces and hands painted in metallic silver. Mary the opera features arrangements from Kanye’s old albums which include songs such as “Devil in a New Dress,” “Love Lockdown,” “Power,“ “I Thought About Killing You,” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” which had special arrangement and there were also traditional Christmas songs like “O Holy Night,” “Gloria in Excelsis Deo,” and “Drummer Boy.”

Unlike in the opera of Nebuchadnezzar, Kanye was backstage, but in Mary, he did not only reads gospel passages aloud but he is also seen on stage performing with the other casts and dressed just like them. The few casts in different robes are those with special roles such as Mary. The entire musical runs for approximately 1 hour and once again Kanye has done it as some present have testified that “I don’t know religious music, but Kanye is God.”