For The Love Of Africa, Cardi B Represents Nigeria Proudly

After several days of joyous anticipation, Cardi B finally entered Nigeria and Lagos was on fire with her arrival, let’s not forget that she herself has been having fun all the way. 

Cardi arrived Lagos and was everywhere bustling with fun and keeping all her fans up to date with just how cool Nigeria is and how well she is being treated. Her show at Livespot X Festival is just one of the many things the Queen did as she also was able to pay a visit to a popular Lagos Strip club where she is not only seen spraying strippers with millions of Nigerian Naira notes but also entertaining her many fans as the DJ has her songs on repeat. 

Cardi was up and happy all over Lagos; she shopped at the supermarket, relate with the locals on street and also visited ‘motherless home’ where she blessed the institution with lots of gifts (including foodstuffs) and awesome amount of donation.

Calling Nigeria her motherland, she rooted herself into the native lifestyle of the country by living it real like a Nigerian and also choosing Nigerian names — Chioma B for herself, and Ayomide for her daughter.

Undoubtedly, Cardi loves Nigeria and she is representing the country proudly.