Luxury Gifts Collection For Someone Who Has Everything

Remember in the movie Fifty Shades Darker where the character Ana was confused about what to buy for Christian as a gift with the question, “what do you give a man that has everything?” That is the exact question that crosses people’s mind when it comes to giving a millionaire friend a gift, like, they have it all, what else could you possibly give them that would stun them, surprise them, wow them and that they would love. Such a question can definitely instigate a headache but fear not. Whether you plan to give a birthday or job promotion or Christmas gifts, — an holiday, a special occasion or for any reason at all, fear not for we’ve got a list of the most luxurious and extravagant gifts that you can give to your ‘money god friend’, partner, boss or whoever it might be. 

Bond No. 9’s new fragrance, Dubai Diamond, hand-embellished with 270 Swarowski crystals which is up for $820 is the right one for her.

1. Louis Vuitton Bedroom Slippers And Sleep Mask — How about some self-care product for her to enjoy her all-favorite personal time with some relaxation. If you agree with that then you should definitely get Louis Vuitton’s bedroom slippers for her. Made of mink fur embellished with an over-sized LV logo the designer super comfy slippers costs $2,000 and you can get it in beige and blue and there is a bonus velvet pouch which the slippers come in. If you are still all in for the personal time, how about getting new LV Sleep Mask for $1,010 just for the perfect combo effect. 

2. Suzanne Kalan Diamond Hair Slides — If you wish to brighten her world and give some sparkle to her eyes how about getting her a Suzanne Kalan’s 18-karat rose gold, sapphire and diamond hair slide for $2,800, named as ‘fireworks’ the stones are set in a way to make them sparkle. It’s hand-casted with a combination of 18-karat rose gold and round-cut diamonds which are nestled between scattered rainbow sapphires. It adds just the right sparkle. 

3. Gucci Tights —  If you are thinking of going a little intimate how about getting her Gucci animal-print tights for just  $525 or you could go for Gucci’s wool-blend velvet-jacquard tights which goes for $1,350.

4. Saint Laurent Stockings — Another good option for her that spells and speaks luxury is Saint Laurent’s sheer black crystal-embellished stockings which goes for  $260 on the plus side, there is a shimmering crystal ‘YSL’ logo at the ankle. Wonderful isn’t it?

5. Prada Socks — Made of sheer tulle that’s jacquard-knitted with the brand’s signature lightning bolt motif, the Prada runway fall 2019 collection socks goes for $180, also the brand has another sparkly pair made of lurex and it costs $210 and at the height of it there is the Prada Lisle embroidered cotton sock $430 with rectangular paillettes in brilliant shades of blue embroidered across the front. With that, you would definitely be making a statement. 

6. Bond No. 9 Fragrance — If you feel her luxury taste is more to the scent, then Bond No. 9’s new fragrance, Dubai Diamond, hand-embellished with 270 Swarowski crystals which is up for $820 is the right one for her. Filled with a mixture of saffron, sweet jasmine, and musk, the fragrance is the scent form of luxury. You could as well go for the Treasure Chest, a velvet box that is richly filled with all 9 of the various Dubai fragrances in jewelled bottles and it costs $4,500. 

For men of elegance and great taste of bespoke collection, H Deco 3 Watch Winder Box comes at a good price of $13,100 and it has room for 3 timepieces.

7. Louis Vuitton Sneaker Trunk — If he is a shoe lover then this is definitely for him, the new sneakers trunk holds “at least six pairs of low-top shoes; up to size 13, and eight pairs of high-top sneakers; up to size 12.”

8. Hermes Table Games — The luxury brand Hermes has a wide variety of table games that can be used to not only furnish his den but also to keep him busy. Their wide variety includes the Declick luxury dice game for $1,025, the Samarcande mahogany chess board for $5,200, or the Helios mahjong set going for $40,200. While the Boucleries Modernes skateboard which goes for $4,300 might be more preferred for the sporty ones. There is also the custom service Bespoke Objects that allow commissioning of almost anything in the game realm. They include the $68,300 foosball table; the $20,000 yoga bag and mat; the fishing set, complete with rod, flies, and a wicker ‘creel’ bag, for £17,000. And the Vivace saddle for $8,200.

9. Saint Laurent Rive Droite Collectible Toys — The 006 collection created by Anthony Vaccarello and his team for its Rive Droite concept store features the phrase-embellished dice going for £35, the crystal-embellished brass dice for $395, the crystal-embellished dominoes $1,295, a mini radio by Lexon and a Neo Legend retro arcade gaming device for $2,500. A perfect option for the luxurious gamer. 

10. A Watch-Winder — For the men who desire to wear luxury on their wrists, how about gifting them with the Hermes H Deco 3 watch winder box with a good price of $13,100 and it has room for 3 timepieces.

11. Asprey Table Games — With a wide variety of games Asprey also has its own luxurious set of table games which include the portable chess case and backgammon set which are made available in four colours and made of English saddle leather $6,100 and five colours crafted from fine English saddle leather and packed in a travel-friendly briefcase format available for $5,450 respectively. 

12. Smythson Table Games — The brand also has a line of super luxurious and expensive table games, with the Grosvenor Full-Grain Leather Games compendium consisting of dominoes, chess and checkers for $3,330. 

13. Tiffany’s  Lego Building Blocks — You could also go for their line of products which includes Lego building blocks in sterling silver for $1,650.

14. Bar Accessories — For the drink lovers, how about gifting him with Asprey’s Thirst and Drinks Kit that goes for $3,950 and  includes the brand’s hallmarked sterling silver flask and cups in a wooden presentation box. Very chic and luxuriously expensive.

Price ranging from $4800 to $6400, Hästens & 11 Ravens Combo is a dog bed luxury collection of a limited-edition that’s designed with the luxurious elegance of passion for pets.

15. Hästens X 11 Ravens Dog Bed — If you are looking for something luxurious for your loving pet, how about getting limited-edition dog bed collection by the Hästens and 11 Ravens combo. With a variety of types ranging from wood, lacquers, veneers and laminates and 14 fabrics, the bed can be customized to suit the dog’s size and the parent’s taste and home decor. It’s price range is from $4,800 to $6,400.

16. Hermes Dog Collar — How about the dog collar crafted from fine leather, with silver hardware going for $650 from Hermes for your trusted and luxurious pawed friend.

17. Moncler X Dog Parkas — You could also get the “unisex dogwear” line which is collaboration between Moncler and Apollo Dog Couture. The clothing line includes PVC raincoats, knit-effect gilets, leashes and dog collars.

Just as love unites the family, such is the alluring creation of the Chanel Skis exclusively made in cool silver and white costing $8800.

18. Saint Laurent Tennis Balls — Looking for something for the entire family, check out Saint Laurent Rive Droite x Wilson tennis ball which goes for $105 for a set of three.

19. Paul Smith Football — Still looking for the ideal for the family, then get Balance luxe football made of leather by Paul Smith. It has the designer’s signature stripes along with an embroidered NB logo stamped across its center in white plus an 18-panel configuration that helps to reduce drag and also enhance performance and play. it comes at a price of $175 (excluding shipping). 

20. Vilebrequin Bike —  A stylish bike which features a unique and hand drawn design due to the wood grain and pattern is the product of Vilebrequin x Mareria Bikes Limited Edition cruiser bike costing $4,100. 

21. Louis Vuitton Volleyball — The product is a restock made of leather, canvas and cotton and equipped with the fashion house’s two-tone monogram print which features panels of varying colours like lilac-pink, orange, purple and white that are branded with the quintessential LV logo in differing sizes. The volleyball is complemented with a net bag where it is presented, featuring a purple lattice body attached to a black and white leather monogram carrying handle along with the giant ball. All for a juicy $2650.

22. Chanel Skis — Available in cool silver and white Chanel’s pair of skis go for $8,800.

So here we are, at the epicenter for you to choose your choice among the luxury gifts collection… proudly expensive and richly remarkable. Well, we hope this is just good enough for you to start your millionaire and luxurious gifts shopping.