Hustlers Stars Jennifer Lopez In Her Best Action

TORONTO, ONTARIO - SEPTEMBER 07: Jennifer Lopez at the "Hustlers" Press Conference at the Fairmont Royal York on September 07, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by V E Anderson/WireImage)

Talk about skills, charm, experience and great beauty, Jennifer Lopez has it all and she has shown more of that in Hustlers.


Jennifer Lopez has been a very popular face in Hollywood and the world. She has been seen in movies like Maid in Manhattans, she has been seen in the music world with collaborations and singles that have topped charts – she’s even sang for the World Cup, she has been seen in the business world and now we are seeing her once again in the movie world, and believe me you, if we felt she had been killing it before, ladies and gentlemen Jennifer Lopez did more than kill it in Hustlers, she was the perfect definition of what hustlers are. Jennifer really showed how great she is on screen.


Hustlers is Directed by Lorene Scafaria and is a movie adapted from a 2015 New York Magazine article that was written by Jessica Pressler which is about a group of strip-club dancers who find innovative and creative ways to empty the wallets and pockets of their clueless, horny Wall Street customers.


Jennifer plays Ramona in the movie, who happens to be a veteran dancer. Her first appearance in the movie opens with her character taking to the stage for her act which comprised of a pole dance executed with grace and precision. Later, in her off-hours, Ramona gets to re-create a few of the moves for a new eager and insecure dancer of the club Destiny (Constance Wu) who had just begun working at the club and watching Ramona’s performance drew her need to see more for she was awe of the veteran’s skill. In re-creating her moves, Ramona did the one she called Martini as she said, “This one’s the martini!”


Hustlers is a story that took place in 2007 in New York, before the crash, it was a time when the cash was still flowing and men happily obliged to spend some of that cash watching women dance in their almost non-existing underwears and clothing pieces. The connection between Destiny and Ramona sparks and their first conversation takes place on the roof top of the club where Ramona was taking a break all covered in a voluptuous fur coat. It was a minute talk where Ramona told Destiny of her heights attained as she was the centrefold in the     ‘93 at the club and how she is ok with the job cos as she simply says, she’s “just a people person.” The persona of Destiny, shy, unsure and eager to learn ignites protectiveness in Ramona and she opens her coat for Destiny to crawl in for safety and warmth.


Life happens once more and the two new friends go their separate ways for a while as Destiny leaves the club and Ramona remains. Destiny’s return to the club is in the hard times of the crash and she meets a new group of ambitious and tough dancers now dominating the dance floor with the little money in circulation. With a child to support for both Destiny and Ramona, Ramona knows she has little time left for she wasn’t getting any younger and for a business that requires energy and strength, her ageing strength and ability would only last for a while. Ramona, therefore, comes up with a plan with the help of Destiny and two other dancers; Mercedes (Keke Palmer) and Annabelle (Lili Reinhart). The plan involved the women dressing in their scantiest and sexiest wears and rather than dancing they would go out trawling for guys, get them drunk and then paddle them back to the club where the management would give them a cut of anything the men spend. Ramona would say,  “You want them drunk enough to get the credit card but sober enough to sign the check.” This plan works as the girls are in no time rolling in money as they are seen treating themselves to Gucci satchels and foxy Louboutins with Mercedes buying herself an engagement ring and Annabelle getting herself a full apartment. The women used their innovative ways, expertise and skills to get what they needed from these men and they got it despite the hard times.


Ramona then comes up with another enhanced plan which to all is full time illegal, and despite her discomfort towards it Destiny still goes along. The whole story line of the movie gets going smoothly with the right tone thanks to Scafaria. It’s views on the kind of job these women are engaged in is not one that holds sentiments. The tough job that the women do is relieved with the companionship that the women find amongst themselves and they also find appreciation for their bodies amongst themselves.

Usher gives a stunning appearance as himself and this gets the women on stage in all their glorious bodies as they celebrate themselves and the artist in their midst. Special appearances include that of Cardi B and also Lizzo.


The environment of the movie is one riddled with back-stage companionship and sisterhood and makes it perfect for the story of the two women bonding over work and differing on how the work should be done. The movie displays a great level of female friendship as a topic and depicts its various types and outcomes, and Jennifer and Wu play out the role of friendship to the letter as they embed story with unique skills and actions that are just perfect for the movie.


We could go on and on telling and giving glimpses of the movie and keep on highlighting just how wonderfully well the actors in the movie were and how accurate their performances were. One of the things that we could take from this movie is that Hustlers showed just how good Jennifer is for it, by outlining her very best skills and characteristics. Her dedication to the needed role and to every aspect is beautiful and surely Hustlers got the right woman to do the job.