Business Management According To Celebrity CEOs

Dr. Dre & Jay-Z (Getty Images)

The world of business today is replete with celebrities who have mastered the art of business management and have prospered just as much as they have in their business as much as they have in their careers. Many have spent years building their businesses, some even more in their careers and have become CEOs in their own ways managing not just their careers but also their multiple businesses to the point that others in their line are dying to know their success tips. Some of these celebrities have shared their own unique entrepreneurship lessons for those who wish to attain their level of success and for those who are starting. 

One of the most successful football coaches of all time (arguably the best) New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is amongst those with some very viable and important tips for any business using his own experience and work in the team. With his experienced game management and strategic coaching decisions, he has won a record six Super Bowls. And his trick for these many success is that there is a need to stick to one’s business strategy by not allowing the trends to drag you in. This he has exhibited over time as his teams “football CEO” and as a “value investor,” due to how he manages the finances of the team and also with respect to the purchase and sale of players. 

Till date the greatest basketball player, we have among the legends of history, LeBron James is not just any mere basketball player but a director who skillfully uses his influence and superstar mojo to attract the right people onto the team and place talents around him. His tip with respect to business and entrepreneurship is that one must be ready to make the move whenever required, for on your journey you will always find those who are capable to work with you hence don’t waste time on misguided loyalty. 

When it’s risk taking, just take a look at Steven Spielberg, with a mass-audience as his favorite for his great mainstream movies, risk is a thing he has learnt to take in the course of his career. His tip is to keep taking chances, the versatility and dynamism of the world would make those who do not take the leap of faith to become obsolete over time in their areas so he tells you, take a risk, take a leap of faith. 

Business in the hiphop industry is a booming thing but these two  Jay-Z and Dr. Dre began from the industry and are now more prominent in the business line. Their tip for the young and upcoming entrepreneurs is that determination is the key, one should continue to push hard on one’s path. It’s never too late to start something new because there is no limit to what the world needs and how that need can be met.

Talking of pop, well we have the queen of pop, who is also in the business and despite the age and time, she has remained relevant and innovative rebranding herself in all areas and in all ways. Her tip for the business world is that sometimes controversy is all you need, a little polarisation, a little difference is all that is needed. Not everyone would like what you are bringing out but stay true to it and you’ll see how being different pays off. 

Still dreaming to grow in your career to the greatest heights, well you don’t need to stick your head in some motivational book to get the gist right, follow up with the business of these celebrities and their tips for you might just be all you need to get to that celebrity CEO level.