Tina Turner @ 80

Tina Turner during her concert at the Wembley Arena in London, England, as part of her Wildest Dreams World Tour, 23rd July 1996. Commencing in the spring of 1996 The Wildest Dreams Tour would last for 16 months, and included more than 250 concert dates in Europe, North America and Australasia. (Photo by Duncan Raban/Popperfoto via Getty Images)

Tina Turner, the woman Phoenix of music is a whooping 80 and still rocking it. 

Her music is the stuff of legends, immeasurable, rich and beautiful. And her history and age too is what you would probably consider history in the history of the music industry. And her comeback to the industry is another thing to take home. 

After her rocky marriage with Ike it seemed like there was no going back to a Tina Turner but somehow it seemed her legacy was just too good to be dropped yet and so she was lifted up to what we know today. The story of her return is just as mysterious as her voice and as alluring and convincing as her talents. 

Her come back to music seemed impossible due to her age and also her rocky past but her luck changed when she met Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Gabe Turner, and she got a second chance to begin again, from her small session with them where she sang “Ball of Confusion” in a soul-filled manner, her career in music resurfaced with her next single being produced by Martyn Ware, a cover of Al-Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” From there onwards her story changed as her fame began to increase. In January 1983, her encounter with one of her biggest fans named David Bowie changed it all and moved her to the next level of fame. With her presentation of “My Cinderella moment,” everything changed for Tina Turner.

From that day onwards a strong partnership and friendship emerged between Tina and Bowie and their friendship has been heard in songs they sang together and for one another such as  “Tonight” and “I will love you till I die / I will see you in the sky.” From her encounter with Bowie she never had to look back to her past where she was done for rather she was blessed with a prosperous future of fame despite her age and the barriers it posed to her music. 

Rolling Stones groundbreaking review of her work sure boosted her career and her come back even more with a four-star review from one of the top critics of the magazine. Just to show how well and great she was and how far she had gone in her career. 

Now as she clocks 80-years of age, Tina Turner is not just a legend of the game but is still a legend in the game, a rare sight and phenomenon in the history of music. With a Broadway show in her honour ‘The Musical Tina’ her life’s history is definitely one to be enjoyed. Her various music from her very first “Private Dancer” written by Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler to many others such as “A Change Is Gonna Come,” ‘Seasons in the Sun,’ “Total Control,” and many others are her legacy and her music that have not only rocked the music world but also the hearts of her millions of fans. 

At 80 she unlike many artists in her genre has had it tough but she has gotten better and bigger over the years. She’s an ultimate queen with an ultimate comeback despite the ages. 

Happy birthday Tina Turner!