Normani Inspires Pop Music With The Ambience Of Black Girl Magic

(Photo by Rich Fury/AMA2018/Getty Images)

I’ma break you off, let me be your motivation… This is a line that many who have listened and re-listened to “Motivation” by Normani would be very familiar with right. Well if you got dazzled and wowed by it then there’s just so much more coming your way. 

Normani Kordei Hamilton, a former Fifth Harmony singer and casual A-list collaborator earlier this year dropped her first-solo since the group’s break named “Motivation” and it took people’s breath away. It had been so long since pop music choreography had such a strong effect on people to the point that their jaws dropped. 

The b-dazzling Normani that was seen in “Motivation” is a new and fresh product of the American music industry. From her early childhood of homeschooling in Houston, she was a shy and introverted type of young woman but a great and talented gymnast who often hid behind routines and strict landings and in her home fun world of watching her favorite female artists like Shakira, Britney, and Ciara on MTV and other music stations. Music more particularly pop music was her passion and her love and it reflected and impacted deeply in her career pursuit.

Her being in a girl group was just perfectly suited for her escape from attention, for as a child, her first solo performance in dancing after her being invited to join a dance class due to her gymnastic talent and prowess, wearing a homemade tutu and rhinestone gloves was a fiasco as she literally froze and ran backstage. With six- years in Fifth Harmony, a lot of diverging opinions and issues along with personality discoveries eventually brought the group to an end and Normani after a long time went solo. 

Her love for music and pop music more specifically has brought her a strong desire to refabricate and rebrand pop music to something new and beautiful, and such a huge mission definitely costs a great price.  Her works with Sam Smith for “Dancing With a Stranger” and with Khalid for “Love Lies” we’re not mere teamworks but co-writings with a lot of time and energy dedicated. She says, “I know how to work really hard, harder than everybody else. If they’re putting in five hours, I’m putting in eight.”

With the success of “Motivation,” Normani has been on a roll to give more of the real pop music to the world. Now working on a new full album and also working on other productions such as “Bad to You,” her work with Ariana and Nicki Minaj from the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, there is definitely more coming our way from Normani. Her representation of the black person in pop music as a whole had had her role models and heroines such as Queen Bey herself and Jay-Z stan for her record and encourage her to do more. 

To her, she’s completing the work that the likes of Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Mariah, Beyoncé and others have begun, she’s following a legacy that had been laid down by her fellow black power women and she’s completing it in style and in greatness. She is the bodily representation of black girl power in pop music with everything black as she always emphasizes but beyond it all she’s Normani who makes music and dances to her music because she loves it and because she feels the world needs to know more of black power in pop music.