“Everything I do is a lifestyle” – Davido

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY - OCTOBER 26: Davido performs onstage during the Power 105.1'S Powerhouse 2019 at Prudential Center on October 26, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for 105.1)

The OBO (Omo Baba Olowo – meaning a wealthy man’s son) has once more shattered the barriers of the Nigerian music industry and brought Nigerian music to another level entirely. 

His new album “A Good Time” is not just a work of art with a full African and traditional texture and beauty, but it’s also the end product of an evolution that the singer has been going through since his first album “Omo Baba Olowo.” 

“A Good Time” is not just any album, no. It’s a groundbreaking album with a new perspective for the Nigerian music industry. This is so because the industry has been one that is based on hits and singles due to the market made available for it. Hardly is it seen that albums are made by artists rather they are seen dropping singles and hits. Hence the uniqueness of Davido’s album. 

Aside from the notion of the album in itself, the content has been one that has shown how much change Davido has been through and how much he has improved and synthesized the rhythms within Africa to create uniqueness in its most undiluted form. In comparison to his first album, “A Good Time” gives a more focused and precise insight into who Davido really is and where he stands. The overall theme of the album grooves around his being a rich playboy who is embracing commitment as opposed to the confused persona of “Omo Baba Olowo” where there were two sides of a rich kid brandishing his father’s wealth and a poor-guy going through hard times to make it.

Though there is no specific or general theme or course for the song, there is a peculiarity to the rhythm and the melody introduced by Davido. A handiwork of producers such as Shizzi, Kiddominant, Speroach Beatz, and Tekno. The album is richly injected with Afropop, which is by Davido is not just a tag to African popular music but the life of African music deeply seated in Afrobeats. All through the tracks in the album, one can hear the gyrating gentle rhythm of Igbo highlife, infused with the beats of traditional drums and beats subtly playing and marking tempo while there is a synthesis of well sounding guitars and other instruments and even the Jamaican vibes are felt. Each track with its own resounding originality and simplicity that revibrates and exudes African rhythmic goodness and wonder all in one album. 

The album is sprinkled with all known and unknown tracks like the very new and popular “Blow My Mind” which he did in collaboration with Breezy (Chris Brown)  himself giving a taste and feel of African and pop in a strong fusion, along with his all new Jamaican-vibe filled, infused with danceable rhythm “Risky” and not to forget his love profession dedicated to his fiancée Chioma in “Assurance” and many other tracks like “If,” “1 Milli” and others, each unique in its own way and all coming together to give the true vision of Davido and a true picture of who he really is. 

As many Nigerian artists are bringing their unique skills and talents to the world with the likes of Wizkid and Burna Boy who have carried the African richness to the rest of the world, Davido is also bringing the rest of the world to the African rhythmic riches found in Afropop and expanding the coast of African and Nigerian music. As he says in his song, “Everything I do is a lifestyle.” His music is his lifestyle. Enjoy “A Good Time” with OBO.