Kanye West’s Opera, Nebuchadnezzar

(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company)

Since his gradual and deep immersion into his newfound faith, Kanye has been trending everywhere. Now the dopest preacher known to the world has come up with another way to evangelize the word. 

His new work, an opera named Nebuchadnezzar had quite a lot of spectators and followers with a variety of reviews. 

The opera took place at the Hollywood Bowl with Sheck Wes as the lead role on the story of Nebuchadnezzar narrated by Kanye himself behind the curtains. The story read from the Book of Daniel by Kanye outlined the transition of king Nebuchadnezzar from his old self-centered, wicked and vain lifestyle to one of a strong believer in his faith. 

The show was a full-on opera with everything that spelt and meant opera from operatic singers, to a choir in matching robes standing on an elevated horseshoe-shaped structure, to the hordes of robed performers lining the aisles of the Hollywood Bowl, to the narrative theatrics, the costumes, the masks, massive slabs of fruit, and everything else that involved opera. All under the directorate of Vanessa Beecroft who has been working with Kanye for quite a while. 

Kanye kept his fans up to date with pictures from his highlighted bible from where he read from and others. The musical list from the opera featured not just an all-new and original for Nebuchadnezzar, although many were expecting to hear tracks from his ‘Jesus is King’ album. There were also other titles like “Eternal Rest,” “Our King,” and “Wash Us in the Blood,” amongst others which were listed in the setlist that was tweeted by Kanye at the beginning of the show. 

Kanye was seen at the end of the opera performance holding hands and bowing beside Sheck Wes and the other performers. The opera had a variety of reviews and comments with some such as “I’m going to start attending Sunday Service,” from one of the spectators. 

Definitely Kanye’s evangelization is getting the desired results. Glory to God!