The Stars Of Hollywood Walk Of Fame

From the beginning of the iconic idea of Walk Of Fame, Hollywood stars such as Frank Sinatra, Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Winslet, Tom Hanks and Mariah Carey, amongst others, have been commended with a Walk of Fame star.

A symbol in Hollywood that represents not just your level of talent but that in simple words mean ‘You have made it to the greatest top’.

With over 2,600 stars available in the Walk of Fame, the cost of getting and maintaining a star is that of about $27,000 and the administration is done by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. 

As a popular stop for all visitors to Hollywood, one wonders how on earth one would be able to navigate through and even know all the more than 2,600 stars available, and for a quick guide, here we have a little listed roadmap for you to use, with a few names ranging in alphabetical order for you to peruse through. 

At the top of the list beginning from the ‘A’ category we have a list ranging from Abbott, Bud; Abdul, Paula; Ackerman, Harry; Acord, Art; Acuff, Roy; Adams, Amy; Adams, Bryan up to Avant, Clarence; Avey, Dan; Ayres, Agnes; Ayres, Lew; and Aznavour, Charles. For category ‘B’ we have a range from Bacall, Lauren; Backstreet Boys; Backus, Jim; Bacon, James; Bacon, Kevin all the way down to Buss, Jerry; Butler, David; Butterworth, Charles; Buttons, Red; Buttram, Pat; and Byington, Spring. 

In the ‘C’ category we have the range from Caan, James; Caesar, Shirley; Caesar, Sid; Cage, Nicolas; Cagney, James all the way to Curtis, Alan; Curtis, Jamie Lee; Curtis, Tony; Curtiz, Michael; and Cusack, John. Category ‘D’ has Dahl, Arlene; Daley, Cass; Dalton, Dorothy; Daly, John; Daly, Tyne to Durning, Charles; Duryea, Dan; Duvall, Robert; Dvorak, Ann; and Dwan, Allan 

‘E’ category has from Earth, Wind & Fire; Eastman, George; Ebert, Roger; Ebsen, Buddy; Eckstine, Billy up till Evans, Madge; Evans, Robert; Everett, Chad; Everly Brothers, The; and Eydie Gormé & Steve Lawrence. Category ‘F’ has from Fabray, Nanette; Factor, Max; Fadiman, Clifton; Fairbanks, Douglas Jr.; Fairbanks, Douglas Sr. all the way to Fuller, Robert; Fuller, Simon; Funicello, Annette; Funk Brothers, The; and Furness, Betty.

The ‘G’ category has from G, Kenny; Gable, Clark; Gabor, Eva; Gabor, Zsa Zsa; Gabriel, Juan up till Guillaume, Robert; Guinan, Texas; Guinness, Alec; Guttenberg, Steve; and Gwenn, Edmund. Category ‘H’ has a range from Hackett, Buddy; Hadley, Reed; Hagen, Jean; Haggerty, Dan; Haggerty, Don; till Hussey, Ruth; Huston, Anjelica; Huston, John; Huston, Walter; and Hutton, Betty. 

Category ‘I’ has Iglesias, Julio; Ince, Thomas; Infante, Pedro; Ingram, Rex; Ireland, Jill; Ireland, John; Irwin, Steve; and Iturbi, Jose. While ‘J’ has from Jackman, Hugh; Jackson (radio), Michael; Jackson, Alan; Jackson, Janet; Jackson, Mahalia; Jackson, Michael till José, José; Jourdan, Louis; Journey; Joy, Leatrice; and Jurado, Katy. 

The ‘K’ list has from K, Ellen; Kallen, Kitty; Kalmus, Herbert; Kane, Bob; Karloff, Boris till Kramer, Stanley; Kreisler, Fritz; Kreuger, Kurt; Kruger, Otto; and Kyser, Kay. ‘L’ list entails from La Cava, Gregory; La Marr, Barbara; La Plante, Laura; La Rocque, Rod; La Rosa, Julius till Lynn, Diana; Lynn, Loretta; Lynne, Jeff; Lyon, Ben; and Lytell, Bert.

‘M’ list has from Mac, Fleetwood; MacDonald, Jeanette; MacDonald, Katherine; Mack, Helen; Mack, Ted to 

Murray, Ken; Murray, Mae; Murrow, Edward R.; Myers, Carmel; and Myers, Mike. While ‘N’ is from Nabors, Jim; Nagel, Conrad; Nahan, Stu; Naish, J. Carrol; Naldi, Nita to Nolte, Nick; Normand, Mabel; Norris, Chuck; Novak, Kim; and Novarro, Ramón.

The ‘O’ ranges from O’Brian, Hugh; O’Brien, Dave; O’Brien, Edmond; O’Brien, Eugene; O’Brien, George to Osbourne, Ozzy; Osmonds, The; Owens, Buck; Owens, Gary; and Ozzie & Harriet Nelson. While ‘P’ is from  Paar, Jack; Paderewski; Page, Anita; Page, Patti; Paige, Janis to Pryor, Richard; Puck, Wolfgang; Puente, Tito; Putnam, George; and Pyle, Denver.

The ‘Q’ list has Quaid, Dennis; Quaid, Randy; Queen; Quinn, Anthony; and  Quintanilla, Selena. While the ‘R’ list is from Radcliffe, Daniel; Radner, Gilda; Raft, George; Rainer, Luise; Raines, Ella till Russell, Kurt; Russell, Rosalind; Ruth, Roy Del; Rutherford, Ann; and Ryder, Winona. 

The stars from ‘S’ are from Saban, Haim; Sabu; Sagal, Katey; Sager, Carole Bayer; Saint James, Susan to Swarthout, Gladys; Swayze, Patrick; Sweet, Blanche; Swit, Loretta; and Szigeti, Joseph. Whereas those in ‘T’ are from Takei, George; Taliaferro, Mabel; Talmadge, Constance; Talmadge, Norma; Tambor, Jeffrey till Turpin, Ben; Tuttle, Lurene; Twain, Shania; Twelvetrees, Helen; and Tyson, Cicely. 

While ‘U’ has Urich, Robert, ‘V’ has from Vague, Vera; Valens, Ritchie; Valenti, Jack; Valentino, Rudolph; Vallée, Rudy till Vinson, Helen; Vinton, Bobby; Von Sternberg, Josef; Von Stroheim, Erich; and Von Zell, Harry. 

‘W’ has from Wagner, Lindsay; Wagner, Robert; Wagner, Roger; Wahlberg, Mark; Wakely, Jimmy till Wyatt, Jane;Wyler, William; Wyman, Jane: Wynn, Ed; and Wynn, Keenan. While ‘Y’ has a list from Yoakam, Dwight; York, Michael; Young, Alan to Young, Robert; Young, Roland; and Young, Victor. And ‘Z’ has from Zabach, Florian; Zanuck, Darryl F. to Zimmer, Hans; Zinnemann, Fred; and Zukor , Adolph. 

While there are others such as Ann-Margret; Mako; Pitbull; Thalia; Usher; and NSYNC, Simon Cowell has the latest star on the Walk as at August of this year with his star being the 2,642 on the Walk.