Extraordinary World Of Luxury Business

What makes a brand luxurious, what gives the tag luxury? Is it the product quality or the components or the price tag or even the target consumers? The truth is that the creation of luxury brands is based on the creation of desire for such products not just at an average level but rather at a high stake level of desire.

This is to say that building luxury brands is all about building and creating the desire and creating the unreachable anxiety and want for such a product for luxury is out of the ordinary, it is extraordinary.

The principles involved in creating and heightening desire for a seemingly ordinary product to the level of extraordinariness are basically enrichment, distancing, and abstraction. 

The principle of enrichment is creating an atmosphere for the product and brand that is almost unattainable or difficult to attain. Luxury products consumers often does not want something that can be gotten easily but rather through enrichment; luxury brands create a gap between the product and the consumer, telling them that they have to strive further to get this product. This leads to the usage of the principle of distancing.

When it comes to the principle of distancing, there are three variants of distancing involved: social distancing, temporal and spatial distancing, and finally hypothetical distancing. Social distancing pertains to depicting such a product to a level of societal hierarchy that ordinary people would love to belong to, depicting such a product in a surreal and almost unreasonable way that cannot be associated with the ordinary but rather with people of higher and extraordinary ranks. While temporal and spatial distancing pertains to placing such a product in another time dimension and another space, unreal yet desirable by all. And hypothetical distancing simply put is the definition of a dream, creating inconceivable and almost unattainable situations that surround the existence of such product.

Finally the principle of abstraction in itself is self evident. Creating abstracts, giving room for consumers to fill in the gap with their minds, their imagination, to interpret and explain what they see as they wish to see it, creating a memory and a notion for the product that transcends a general understanding but that fits the desire of the consumer. 

With the three basic principles, luxury brands have over the years created for themselves a world out of the ordinary and for those who wish to create desire for their products just as much as it exists for these luxury goods, trying these out might just be the way.