72 Years Conjugal Adventure Of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

Photo Credit: GettyImages

It’s been a long journey in conjugal bliss for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

72 years ago, at London’s Westminster Abbey on Nov. 20, 1947, the then Queen-to-be Elizabeth was 21-years-old while her husband who was 26 was then a Royal Navy lieutenant got married. 

Queen Elizabeth’s reign began years after the marriage in 1952 signifying that their marriage is not only older than her reign but also that throughout her reign of 67-years and counting, the royal couple have been together. 

Now the royal couple celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary with Her Majesty age 95 and her beloved Prince age 98. Both in good health and with a beautiful family that gave rise to 4 children and many grand and great-grandchildren. 

The celebration definitely did not go unnoticed by the entirety of the royal family as the junior royal couples of Prince William and Kate Middleton alongside Prince Harry and Megan Markle felicitated the grand royal couple with messages on their Instagram pages alongside pictures of the celebrating couple, while the official page of the royal family on instagram also felicitated the couple on Instagram. 

Despite the many years together, the couple still holds that ingredient of love and companionship as they have been together and supported each other; as the Duke of Edinburgh has supported Her Majesty all through her reign and Her Majesty has also supported the Duke even in his decision of retiring from public engagements in 2017. 

Theirs is definitely a case of happily ever after.