Chika Ofili Becomes Celebrity By Discovering A New Mathematical Formula

Remember that show “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader,” where kids from fifth grades showed some skills in knowledge that even the adults couldn’t have, yeah this definitely looks like the real world version of it. 

The 12 year old Chika Ofili, a UK-based Nigerian, just showed the entire academic world that age isn’t a barrier to greatness and to the display of knowledge, and he has won an award for it. 

The new age “Albert Einstein” has been given an award for his new mathematical discovery to make mathematics easier.

His mathematics teacher Miss Mary Ellis narrates how the young genius discovered a new mathematical formula from an assignment he was given during the holiday as he discovered a new way with relation to the divisibility of 7. 

According to miss Mary, Chika discovered that by taking the last digit of any number and multiplying it by 5 and then adding the result to the remaining part of the number; by so doing a new result is attained, and if this new number is divisible by 7 then the original number is divisible by 7. 

This theory was tested by Simon Ellis, a mathematics guru and teacher and also the brother of miss Mary, who not only approved of Chika’s theory but also wrote an algebraic proof for it while also furthering the study.