Dehydration According To Kimberly Snyder

Getty Images, 2019

Water is life! A fact that anyone on earth would agree with. Ever imagined what it would be like if whenever you are thirsty you can’t find any source of water? It would definitely be a disaster

The importance of water cannot be undermined in our life because our whole system depends on proper hydration alongside good nutrition to function appropriately. 

Kimberly Snyder, a Los-Angeles based nutritionist has given some tips on various ways to stay properly hydrated and keep our system functioning at optimal level. 

The first thing she encourages is to drink water, not just as often as we can but most importantly, the first thing in the morning, the reason is simply that during the course of the night we get dehydrated and at such our intake of water as the first thing in the morning will boost our system to function better as it will be revitalized and energized for the day. 

Kimberly suggests also that the intake of water should be individualized; for our system require different quantities based not just on our varying activities but also on our body mass and to this she explains that each person should drink according to his or her needs and not generalize the quantity of water necessary. 

Alas for the lovers of cold water, Kimberly suggests that water is more useful to the body if it is taken at room temperature, this is because cold water would force the body to act more because first, the body will be converting the temperature of the water back to room temperature before making use of it and that process is very slow and unhealthy for you.  

Water drinkers in between meals be warned, for Kimberly’s advice is that water intake between meals should not occur, but rather should be taken about half an hour before the meal and an hour after the meal for this way the body will be able to make proper use of the water taken. 

Water ladden and filled fruits such as cucumber, watermelon and others that are not just rich in vitamins but also water filled are encouraged for not only are they refreshing, they would also be meeting the nutritional  demands of our body on two fronts.

Beware of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks for they dehydrate you as they induce more loss of liquid through urination. Instead take more of water. And in situations where you do desire to take them, make sure that your intake of water overshadows and surpasses the intake of such drinks.

Kimberly also tells us to enjoy refreshing goodness of coconut water as an added replenish-er for water. For in tropical areas coconut water is a great replacement for water and a good one at that.