Lady Gaga Plays Bridal Role At Sarah Tanno’s Wedding

The spotlights surely shifted a bit from Gaga last weekend and it was for a lovely reason.

With so many shows and so much going on in her life, everyone’s favourite Lady Gaga took the weekend off not just for any kind of fun party but for her best friend’s wedding. 

Sarah Tanno who is Gaga’s long time make up artist, fellow business partner as they both worked together on Gaga’s beauty line Haus Laboratories and also best friend got wedded, and of course, her bestie Lady Gaga was part of her bridesmaids. 

Gaga not only spent the weekend enjoying and celebrating the new union of her best friend but also kept her fans up to date with photo blasts and details of the wedding bash on Instagram tagging both her bestie and also the new husband. Also a day to the wedding she uploaded many pictures in which one was of herself and her bestie with a caption hinting on her relationship status of being single. 

Last month prior to the wedding Gaga was at the bachelorette party of her best friend and despite being in pain as she admitted “in a lot of pain,” due to her fall during a performance, she still took her time to not only be present but also share the happy moment with her friend.

Pictures of the bride and groom were uploaded by Gaga with the caption “Congratulations I love you” and a pink emoji to show the extra love. Tanno also uploaded pictures of the night before the wedding as she showed her bridesmaids alongside Gaga who  wore a black dress and hoop earrings with her pink hair nicely packed in a bun.