Janine Iannarelli Ventures Multi-Million Dollars Aviation Business

Now this is what we call girl power with the right figures… When we talk about women being at the fore front of great enterprises and businesses this is surely what we meant. 

Meet Janine Iannarelli a graduate of Montclair State University with a BA in business administration and now the CEO and owner of the Houston aviation company Par Avion.

Now this young lady’s millionaire history goes back to her first job in a market research firm that focused on aviation and with further inspiration she took a job as a sales and marketing official at an international aircraft dealer where she used as her training ground and professional ladder and eventually, properly geared up she took on her own business Par Avion.

Par Avion is an international business aircraft marketing firm that markets business jets worth $65 million or more all under the commandeering of the lady Janine Iannarelli who is a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), Women in Aviation, International, and the American Marketing Association.

With so many obstacles in the way, one wonders how she has been able to keep her business soaring high with such high figures and profits as she says, “In a really good year, I generate seven-figure revenue,” she says. “In an ‘okay’ year, it’s in the upper six figures.” And to that effect she gave a few tips and notes on how she has been able to keep the business flying high. 

Her first tip to such glorious and glamorous numbers is to keep the business to a narrowed category in which hers is pre-owned jets. In such a way you don’t juggle between too much with little or poor clientele. 

She also speaks of properly educating your clientele and customers with the appropriate knowledge necessary not just to aid the purchase but also to aid the proper usage of the aircrafts. To this end knowing the taste of your customers and their needs is very important. 

Another tip from her is to keep the maintenance expenses low and easy to ensure greater profit and surpluses. And finally, she also says ensuring that you possess strategic partners who are not just long term friends but also means of expanding your market. 

Iannarelli is sure on a high roll with great achievements and a long list of profit sheets to wrap yearly and she has no intentions of stopping as she is an inspiration to not only women but also those wishing to go into the aviation business.