Shaman Durek & Princess Märtha Louise: Ancient Egyptian Romance

MARBELLA, SPAIN - AUGUST 11: Shaman Durek and Princess Martha Louise of Norway attend Starlite Gala on August 11, 2019 in Marbella, Spain. (Photo by Daniel Perez/Getty Images

The stars have aligned for Shaman Durek and his beloved Princess Märtha Louise as they speak of their timeless romance.

Shaman Durek has recently spoken on his romance and love for his partner Princess Märtha and it sure got a lot of comments. Shaman Durek a spiritual guide to stars has openly professed and spoken about his love for the Princess who is the fourth in line to the Norwegian throne. 

They both describe their love and relationship as a thing of another time as their first words to each other upon meeting was that of instant recognition as the princess said ‘I remember you, I know who you are,’and Durek’s reply was “I was like, ‘Yes, we knew each other from a very long time ago.’

Durek claims that their relationship is as old as the Egyptian civilisation where she was ‘his queen and he was her pharaoh.’ Many comments and criticisms have spurred from the romantic duo and the historical lineage of love of the couple and their replies to such comments have been quite simple and clear. 

The princess calls him her “twin flame” as he explains “I see myself in her, and she sees herself in me: the kindness, the love, the playfulness, the silliness.” Surely there is a whole lot of love between them and the world and the universe looks forward to see how it goes.