Nordstrom’s Exquisite Luxury Marketplace in New York

(Photo/Year: Getty Images, 2019)

Attention NYC ladies, for your shopping spree is about to get better!

For the love of all that is shopping and luxurious, Nordstrom has made the combination even more exquisite and perfect. With their first of its kind women location in Manhattan, the new Nordstrom located at 57th and Broadway should be the newest stop for all NYC women.

It’s a seven floors and 320,000 square feet women store filled with everything woman and luxurious with all the right brands such as  Chanel, Givenchy, Fendi Madewell, Topshop amongst others and all the right price ranges with a touch of modernism and traditional styles for women to enjoy. 

Let’s not forget the great level of customer service experienced in the store with all age gaps of customer service personnel, I mean you have all age gaps from the teen in jeans of the modern century to the refined and experienced lady all dressed to style and smile-ready to help. Plus there is the online shopping aspect made available for those who like it modern and easy with pick up stores also made available for online shoppers.

The exclusivity and personalization experienced at Nordstrom is totally off the chart, with pop-ups such as Burberry pop-up, Everlane pop-up, along with limited editions from Nike stores only available at Nordstrom store and even personalized areas where you can personalize and customize your wears.

Now a part of Nordstrom that I’m sure will attract everyone’s attention is the food section… oh yes! From the shoe bar located in the shoe store to the seven food and beverage purveyors with a variety of meals and drinks to all tastes including gluten-free. 

Nordstrom’s New York women store is just the perfect place for women of all classes and all styles with guaranteed luxury and style up to taste irrespective of what your account might be.