Hillary Clinton Shows Her Support To Meghan Markle

Getty Images

Women solidarity sure has no limits. 

This is so true, for women are meant to support each other irrespective of backgrounds, career choices, positions, race and lifestyles. 

Once again women’s solidarity and support have gone beyond borders as Hillary Clinton shows her support to the royal family member Meghan Markle as she struggles with a lawsuit against a British tabloid and also against the media in general.

Hillary Clinton’s admission that Meghan “deserves a lot better” goes with her opinion that all that the Duchess of Sussex is going through is as a result of race and gender and expresses her support to her as a fellow woman and as a mother. 

With the high level of criticism against the Duchess, not only Hillary but also a number of female MPs of the British Parliament who signed an open-letter of support for the Duchess have shown their support and also a number of celebrities such as George Clooney and Elton John.  

Not only is the women solidarity soaring high and strong for the Duchess but also worldwide solidarity, not only to her person but also with relations to her marriage with Prince Harry.