‘Magdalene’ By FKA Twigs

(Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

Music is the way of our souls speaking right? And each person uses music to interpret life in varied ways and manners. 

FKA Twigs takes this to a whole new level in  her upcoming new album named ‘Magdalene’. Twigs describes her not just as your average Bible versioned Magdalene but more of a woman beyond the societal tag of a prostitute, she was a healer, a believer, a strong woman. 

Following her breakup with actor Robert Pattison and the subsequent results of the breakup and other events in her life such as the removal of the six fibroid tumours in her uterus and her recovery process through pole dancing and other means, Twigs speaks of her connection to her body and her moments of rediscovery of her person and her sexuality as a whole all reflected in the album. 

Her connection and work with composer Nicholas Jaar with whom she connected deeply due to his many wonderful qualities but most particularly his ‘emotional intelligence’ as emphasized by her helped her not only through her recovery but also into making meaning of the album.

‘Magdalene’ according to Twigs is the outpouring of her deepest emotions of depression, heartbreak, amongst other emotions. Through the album, she speaks that “It’s important that whoever is listening takes what they need and twists it, ” as she views the music to be what the listener wishes.