Kate Middleton Wins The Heart Of Queen Elizabeth

(Photo by Indigo/Getty Images)

Yes! Kate Middleton strikes again… 

With the recent paparazzi focus shifting to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, one would think that the days of our beloved Kattie are over for good.

But fret not beloved Kattie fans for your fam club has received a great addition, a royal sized fan in the person of our beloved Queen  Elizabeth. 

The reason for the newest fan addition is quite simple and well quite Kate – like… Kate’s simplicity despite the royal life and it’s varied ups and downs. I mean what’s there not to love in our beloved Kate.

Despite being the Duchess of Cambridge and a highly valued and busy royal, Kate is still a mother of 3 and a normal mom at that. She was spotted doing shopping for Halloween costumes for her kids and even having a drink at the local pub. Kate is the royal down to earth in everything. 

Many have attested to her simplicity and likeable persona not just as a royal but also as a regular citizen. And she has promised to raise her kids in the likeness of her lifestyle, simple and down to earth despite their royal backgrounds. No wonder the Queen has become a great fan of this incredible woman.