45Th E! People’s Choice Awards

And the award of most dramatic movie of 2019 goes to… (drumroll)… After. 

Yes, After… You were probably more shocked than the audience at People’s Choice Awards during the award-giving. I can imagine the questioning look on your face. 

This year’s 45th E! People’s Choice Awards gave us a new insight into what the new age really considers to be their choice. What really is their measure of popular, is in terms of content, message or probably actors?

Using the award for most dramatic movie of the year along with other award winnings of the day such as Gwen Stefani taking the fashion icon award, Noah Centineo taking the comedy movie star for The Perfect Date, Beyonce taking the award for animated movie star amidst other baffling wins, one thing is for sure…

we can see a trend and probably a not so shocking outcome after all for the new generation but maybe one too much for those above the 20’s. Now it’s all about the fan base number rather than just the content, story line or any other thing. Many of the awards won were a result of a huge fan-base with massive power to out turn results even for something as big as the People’s Choice Awards. 

The only conforming award and quite frankly acceptable award and honour of the night was Jennifer Aniston’s icon award. With the very comical and powerful history of hers in the series Friends, along with the 25th-anniversary celebration of the premiers of Friends this year,  Jennifer’s win is one that transcends beyond fan-base or generational views. She sure is an icon of both the new age and the oldies too.