“The Lion King” Boosts Disney’s Earnings

After the $71.3 billion Walt Disney’s Company acquisition of the 21st Century Fox Entertainment universe assets, Disney has had a plate full of work and changes to make. With the ownership of a major part of Fox entertainment, Disney now has control of the studio’s Nat Geo, FX and other brands, along with the rights to storied franchises such as “Avatar,” “X-Men” and “The Simpsons.” 

The take over meant a lot of work and also a lot of expenses particularly with recorded failures of series and movies from Fox entertainment such as “Dark Phoenix.” The disappointment from the movie diminished the profit rates but other subsequent movies such as Toy Story 4,  Aladdin and The Lion King most especially helped to raise the revenue and profits by 79%. 

The themed parks sector of the company also recorded tremendous rise in profit rates which were associated with the sales of merchandise from Frozen, Toy Story and The Lion King.

Disney is also preparing to launch Disney Plus, a new subscription streaming service which will debut on November 12 and feature spinoff series from Star Wars which will be The Mandalorian and a live-action version of “Lady and the Tramp.” This is expected to rival Netflix while also “making a huge statement about the future of media and entertainment” according to Disney’s CEO Bob Iger. 

With its ownership of Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvels, Disney hopes to make huge statements in the industry most especially with concerns to the future of Marvels and Star Wars. According to Iger, Disney has a lot to offer from these franchises and is doing it’s best to make them better.