Fenty Cameo Honours The Black Beauty

FEИTY BEAUTY by Rihanna is a luxury cosmetics brand that has already achieved an international popularity due to its broad and all-encompassing beauty empowerment for all skin tones and gender.

On Halloween 2019, the brand officially introduced a new jewellery product named — The Cameo Collection. A redefinition of a medieval jewellery which celebrates diverse standards of beauty through the ancient craft of Cameo.

In history, Cameo was popularized by Queen Victoria during her era as the monarch of Great Britain even though the jewellery has been in existence since Ancient times, when it was then worn as a statement of power and great influence. Notable women of Ancient Greece wore Cameos pendants bearing the image of Greek God of Love — Eros, to immortalize their sexuality.

To celebrate “the beauty of difference”, Fenty incorporated Cameo tradition into its beauty concept and glorified it as the brand’s unparalleled legacy.

Fenty Cameo honours the black beauty by featuring the godliness of Black women in the jewellery which were created in black resin with glass and embellished with tiny glass beads and pearls. And as we’ve seen on the body of the Fenty Black Models who showcased the pure and unadulterated jewellery to the world, it is indeed of no doubt that Cameo is a priceless treasure.