Celebrities Redefines The Ancient Culture Of Halloween

Today is Halloween and everyone all over the world are dressed up in their favorite costumes and kids are going from one doorstep to the next offering the phrase in unison — “Trick or treat”.

For the regular people, Halloween is just an holiday, but for the celebrities — it’s a merry Christmas. Every beautiful and funny things are involve including parties, candies, costumes, make-up, games, and spooky things.

There’s a legendary reason why Halloween was associated with all things spooky. It was a 3,000-year-old tradition that began with the Celts, a warrior tribe of an ancient European origin. The tradition began as a celebration of the fall harvest, which traditionally commemorates the end of summer and beginning of winter. Natively, the festival is known as “Samhain” and legend foretold that during this period the barrier between the world of the living and the spirit world is unusually thin, making it possible for the dead to walk the earth of the living. To ward-off evil and to appease the spirits from the other realms, offerings of all kinds were traditionally put outside the doorsteps.

This ancient Celtic tradition of Samhain was believed to be the best night for telling fortunes. In the documentary — “The Real Story of Halloween”, Druids (Pagan priests) would predict prophesies by reading tea leaves. It is believed that this is the beginning of the tradition of telling ghost stories, as the prophesies would make their way through villages.

Even though Halloween has been with us long before it became the Halloween we all know and celebrate today, the celebrities are the ones responsible for its global popularity. Through the movies and music, the whole world has become so familiar with the festival and it has now become global culture of the modern society of humanity.

Happy Halloween !